Friday, September 19, 2008

The Women

If you read my review section on the left side of my blog you will see I very much enjoyed this movie. It is a chic flick movie and unless a guy really enjoys a well written drama they will have no interest. I heard a lot of negative reviews of this films- most saying how it degrades women and all that we are trying to be. I am sure those same reviewers (mostly women) would say the same thing about the 1939 version. Those women who think that are the type of women who think that no success in the home could ever compensate for failure in the workplace. The message that this play and both movie versions teaches is that a women have a place in the home. Not a dominated one, but a role that no other figure can fill, and that as women stretch ourselves too thin trying to do everything our home life will suffer, and new problems will develop. The other part of the message is that love is the most important thing that can help our relationships. We can do those other things but women need to keep balances in their life. There is so much that as women we can accomplish, we just cannot allow the things that are not as important to cause us to forget what really matters in life. I love the message and the modern take on this film.

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