Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cruising Sea Days

Part of the wonderfulness of taking a cruise is just enjoying the sea days. You're waited on, lavished, entertained, or you can do absolutely nothing. I did all of those things. I love eating on the ship. The food is so fantastic. I could eat all day if I wanted. And I almost did, hence the fact that I gained a lot of weight over the 2 weeks. But I will work it off just as I did before and every pound was worth how much I enjoyed myself.
I've always felt that I could do with out a balcony in order for us to afford doing more cruises and take an inside cabin. But one of the things I enjoyed the most was relaxing on my balcony just enjoying the breeze, the fresh air,  the sun, and the smells. I loved opened our cabin door letting those things enter our cabin. Its so relaxing. I love to cruise. Here are some of the wonderful pictures we took our first two days out at sea on the waters of the Mediterranean where boats have sailed as long as man has known how.
I just also wanted to say that I think we were so finely dressed for our formal nights. My husband's tux was very similar to the tux he wore on our wedding day. He looked so good! My dress, I made it. Making it had some hit-ups, so it didn't turn out exactly what I had envisioned. My sister made my hair accessory for me. We had a fantastic time.

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