Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas at Our House

Christmas Eve Eve Al and I drove to Bisbee to go to the Chocolate shop, they have a site and will take online orders at Spirited Chocolate. Al really liked their homemade hot chocolate, can't say I blame him  it is my FAVORITE hot chocolate in the whole world.
Christmas Eve we started the day going out for breakfast at the Country House Restaurant with my in-laws. Then we went around town delivery our gift to our local friends, a small container of homemade Italian Sausage Seasoning. Sorry to all our out of town friends, I don't do shipping, but if you'd like to make it yourself here is the link to the recipe. Italian Sausage Seasoning, the key to the whole mix is to ground the fennel, you'll have all the taste of Italian sausage without the price or the fat. 
Continuing with Christmas Eve, we went over to my in-laws that evening and watched "Muppet Christmas Carol" -best Christmas movie and Muppet movie EVER! At bed time we took Al home and put him to bed.

We stayed home this year, didn't make the drive up to my parents. It was a nice and quite Christmas day with my in-laws. We got up opened our gifts, took Al long enough to notice the cool gifts sitting out. Then went over to my in-laws for breakfast Christmas Quiche. We then opened gifts over there. Uncle Justin won Christmas by getting Al the most amazing to him toy ever, a Thomas the Train  and track. Yes Justin won Christmas. 
We spend the rest of our day relaxing, eating at leisure, digital scrapbooking and shopping, and playing a LAN game of Civ 4. Great day.

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