Sunday, February 6, 2011

Practice & Review: I Will Follow God's Plan For Me

I made this board game while on my mission. It was to teach the Plan of Salvation to children. I used it for investigator families with children, unbaptized children of record, children turning 8, and for FHE when we did the lesson for a family. It was one of the smartest visuals I made my WHOLE mission. It was made with a poster board, construction paper, a black marker, and pass along cards. 

The green spaces gave them life choices that told them they got to move forward and how many or stay where they are (bad choice life events). Originally it was move back one for bad choices but it took too long to play the game. The pictures such as baptism or the temple are life events and by passing the life event you'd move into a new section of life and different green cards/choices. This was also when we taught the major points of the 4th discussion (and part of the second) ie the plan of salvation and the need for baptism (and sometimes why temples are important).
How I plan to use this for primary?
Each Green space will be a card. It will have a quiz question about the song or the plan of salvation. To have the game go faster you can use a dice or have each card randomly (or due to degree of difficultly) say how many spaces to move forward. For the questions about the song, if there is any difficultly answering the question then sing the song as a group to help them remember. The more times you sing though the song the better. You can do this in two teams or have everyone be a team together because we are all trying to help each other here on Earth. It just really just a simple board game with the Plan of Salvation stuck in as steps. You could cut out pictures from the FRIEND or write the name of the steps of the plan on paper
 Sample questions you can use:

  • My life has a _____, my life has a ______ in _____ it began
  • What is the line after, "I will follow God's plan for me"
  • What line is be before, "My life has a purpose."
  • What is the first stage of the Plan of Salvation?
  • Where does the song say it all began?
  • Where does the song say we was our choice to come to?
  • What stage of the Plan are we in right now?
  • How many times do we sing the word "life" in this song?
  • How many times do we sing the word "Follow" in this song?
  • What does the song say we are SEEKing?
  • What stage of the Plan comes after this Earth life?
  • Where does the song say we'll be "happy"?
  • The song says we will be "holding fast" to what?
  • Fill in the blanks "I will _____ and I will _____".
  • In the song we sing that we will always walk in who's way?
  • The song mentions 2 different homes, where are they?
  • After we are judged what will happen to us?
  • Where do we go after we die?
  • What kingdom do we want to end up in?
  • In the song we sing that our "life" is/has 3 things, what are they?
  • In the song we sing that we sing that "God's Light" is to (direct us from when)?
  • Fill in the blanks "I will _____ God's ____ for me".


Unknown said...

This is GREAT! I've been wanting sone type of board game for the kids, and this is perfect! Thanks for sharing.

Dave and Nicole Simister said...

I thought that board game looked familiar! I can't believe you still have it.