Monday, June 27, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Al picking up rings, lft- Miss Britney teacher
Last summer we did swimming lesson through the city. I felt they helped little Al so much in getting comfortable being in the water. He had so much fun. So this summer I made sure I got him into a session. I felt like this year would be more important not just because he needed to re-get-use -to the water but because him motor skills are becoming stronger and I thought he'd be ready to learn more basics this year. Which he did. Its a mama and me swim class. There were two of us in the class who had toddlers there and were expecting. Selfishly I enjoyed class because it gave me a change to enjoy the less weight of the babies on my body. Al seemed to enjoy the class too. Although he would refuse to do something when the teacher asked him to do it. It wasn't a matter that he couldn't do it, just that he didn't want to do it when asked. Grr, stubborn kid, I wonder where he gets it (mmmm). 
I would love to do another session of swim lessons. But we'll see if we can fit it into our family craziness going on this summer.

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