Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Wreath

I'm not a crafty person. You may disagree with me but craftiness is not a first or second or even third nature to me. I always look at other people crafts and think I wish I could be crafty like that.
A friend of mine posted this link on her facebook page
I used the same looping idea they used, but I looped multiple times. Instead of the Glue Dots I used Styrofoam glue to connect the fabric to the Styrofoam. If you want to make such a thing I recommend the Glue Dots, the Styrofoam glue took forever to dry and it took forever to glue it. The Glue Dots make it quick and easy. I just was lazy not wanting to go to the store to get them.
 I wanted to make my wreath a fall wreath. So I can put it up as soon as fall starts and leave it up until right after Thanksgiving.
I love Fall

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