Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall in Arizona (it feels like winter)

Happy Fall
This is not Arizona fall weather. This is Utah fall weather. We are freekin' COLD. I have turned on my heater. We have snow on our mountains. And I have to bundle up my children to do anything. Its been this way for a week now. I am cold. November in Arizona is suppose to be cool enough that you can start to ware pants, but still warm enough that you can ware pants if you want to. NOT suppose to be so cold that pants are requite and so are closed toe shoes and long sleeves.
 This was one of the warmer days we've been having.
Yes its nice not to be in the 100's anymore. And the snow on the mountains are beautiful. And this area really really needs the rain and the snow.... but I'm just cold. Its too early. We are still in Fall and this is Winter weather.

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