Friday, May 4, 2012

Pulling Weeds

 I had been waiting for it to rain to try pulling the vast number of weeds around my house. But the clouds came, rained on the Mountains, rained up in the Phoenix area, but no rain on us in Sierra Vista. So I brought my children, some gloves, and a rubbish bin outside.
This is about a quarter of the way done. The right side of the walk way was as bad as the left side. There were so many weeds to be pulled.
 I put the girls in the play pen while I worked. I didn't want them trying to eat a bug, a weed, or a rock. Al played with the girls and with his dump truck. 
I pulled about 3/4 of the area that needs to be pulled (in the front yard only). I worked out there for about an hour. I would have worked longer except my children had had enough of being outside. I feel good that I accomplished something.

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