Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Camping, Mountains, and Serenity

We went up to Mesa and then up to the Canyon Creek on the Rim to go camping with my parents. Almost immediately upon reaching the Phoenix Valley, Cory and I started having congestion problems. But we decided to still go camping. We had fun camping. It was our first chance to use the camping gear that we got for our wedding. We sat up our tent, and found out that it was smaller than we thought and that the air mattress we got is too big for our tent. It’s not so too big that we can’t get it into the tent, instead we filled it and it pushed on the side of the tent, good thing it didn’t rain on us. We also got to use our sleeping bags that zip together, along with our Coleman lantern. The weather was perfect. It was just cold enough that I was happy to ware a jacket and not too hot or cold for sleeping. Saturday morning we had breakfast and then went up to the fish hatchery. I love just enjoying the mountains. The trees, the wild flowers, the breeze. Besides being on a cruise, I know no other place where one can completely relax and ignore the world outside of where you are. On occasions I feel that way while in the temple. But not every time. I can feel that way every time I am sitting in the calm of the mountains. The mountains are a blessing.

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