Thursday, April 23, 2009

Teaching: Baptism (May's song)

I'm trying to get things prepared for while I am out after having the baby. I've been meaning to do this for a while but between packing to move, moving, and unpacking- I haven't had a chance to get ahead. For May we are doing the song baptism. I know its a cheating but we are only going to do the first verse. I am suggesting to the Primary President that they make the other verse, special numbers for maybe a class to do, but as an entire primary we are only learning the first verse. I'm trying to keep it simple, especially since I may not be teaching it myself. I am going to put them on the board, and move picture of Jesus along from picture to picture. I've considering putting all the pics on a poster board and creating a track for the pic of Jesus to follow the path. I've even considering putting the pic of Jesus on a Popsicle stick.


Anonymous said...

You have Great Ideas!
I was in the Relief Society presidency and now i am the PRIMARY CHORISTER!!!
i am feeling overwhelmed.

Emily and Nathan Hogan said...

This was great to look at for ideas. Thanks!!! I am the Primary Chorister and I am always looking for good and new ideas. Thanks again!

Yahnira Backus a.k.a. "Mommy" said...

Thank you for your great idea! I was trying to use some creativity for my next singing time and you were an answer to my prayer. :)