Monday, September 6, 2010

Charades (reviewing songs

Last Sunday, (last Sunday of Aug) I played charades with SR primary. I knew it would be beyond JR's ability so they had something else. They were acting out the titles of the songs we are doing for the program. Most of the children I had to give them ideas of how to do it, or straight out tell them how to do it. Since they were only songs from the program the children knew it was one of eight options.  
A child would come up, draw out of the jar. Then we'd discus with our backs to the other children what they were going to do. I would suggest you doing an example first. 
We did things like '7 words'- 7 fingers up,  '2nd word' -point to the 2nd finger or hold up a 2, 'pointer to forehead' for KNOW. '6 word'- six fingers up, 'arms cross chest'- love. Guess...... 'I Know that My Savior Loves Me'. We also did scenes from the song. I allowed the children to use sign language or hand gesture we used to learn the song. They could act out anything they thought would help the other children guess the song. Get the idea? After the song was guessed we would all sing the song as practice. 
It was a bit rough but I think they the children really enjoyed doing something so different.
If I ever do this again I am going to write up ideas on what I could tell them to do for each song so I'm not caught off guard either.

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