Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Daily Addition

I have started watching a friend of mine's little girl for her each day. She was born back in June, and her mother needed t go back to work. As our friends, they approached us to see how we'd feel about being her caregiver during the day, since I'm already a stay at home mom. My husband and I talked it over and felt this was a great opportunity for us and felt really good about it. Kat is a darling little infant. Most of the time she is so sweet. Already I've seen night and day contrast to my little Al, and how he was at this stage. Yes every baby is different. Kat for example, doesn't like to poop nor does she like the poop to remain in her diaper. She will scream as loud and long as she needs to until it is fixed. In contrast, I just had to get into the habit of occasionally  checking Al's diaper to see if it needed changing. 
I've had to adjust, during the day its as though I'm a mother of 2 now, and its been difficult at times to flow with. In some ways its been just fine. It has helped me get more of a routine for the day, and the day seems to go fast with two. Shopping at times as been easier than I thought it would be and at other times its been so much harder I feel like never doing it again.
Little Al has gone through all the stages of having a new sibling around. First he was excited that she was here because he wanted her to play with him, then realized that she couldn't and decided she was no fun. Then he became extremely jealous of the time I was spending with her, and finally he became posessive and wants to help do everything- feed, hold, burp, hug, push the stroller...  Its been interesting to watch. I wonderful when its finally time for him to have a sibling if he'll have to go through it all over again when he realizes that they don't go home at the end of the day.
On another note, a co-worker of my husband wanted an infant New Orleans Saints cheerleader outfit. But couldn't find one anywhere that small. My husband volunteered me to make one since I love to sew costumes.  She gave me the picture of what she wanted it to look like and I had to figure it out. Since patterns for cheerleader outfits don't come that small. I used the 2year old pattern (smallest I could find) and then an infant skirt and vest pattern to use for the size. I am very happy with how well it turned out. The picture is of Kat modeling the Cheerleader outfit. 

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Crissylady said...

That cheerleader outfit is adorable! You definitely have some talent there!