Sunday, June 23, 2013

Singing Time Brain Teasers

I have been up in Mesa with my kids for the last two weeks. I thought I had prepared a lesson for tomorrow (it is currently 11:50 on Saturday night) but I can't remember what it is. Since I do not want to show up to church and look at my folder (which is there since I gave it to the sub and asked her to leave it there)  and then realized I never finished my lesson plans. I can't remember for the life of me what they were so I had to start from scratch tonight.

Next Sunday (5th Sunday- last Sunday of June) the Primary President wants me to use the ENTIRE time reviewing and singing with the kids. I plan on doing a "Jeopardy" like game. Each song is going to be a category. That is going to be most of the time and we are going to spend a little bit of time relearning the patriotic songs we sing at the ward 4th of July Breakfast- "My Flag, My Flag" and "My Country Tis of Thee". I did request that the Presidency member who would have Sharing Time plan a short (5 minutes) lesson to give me a break and to break up the singing for the kids because they are not going to want to sing the ENTIRE time.
So this Sunday:

I was thinking about brain teasers- like the ones below
I once did something similar. I had a brain teaser of the song on one page and another page with the song title. They then played concentration with them. I like the idea that the children have to figure out what the song is.
So I have spent my time tonight making up my versions of Brain Teasers with the 2013 Primary Program songs. I did them for the songs we're doing and I tried to find what most people are doing for their "You choose" songs so that everyone can use them. Can you figure them out without looking at the captions?
I am a child of God

My Heavenly Father Loves Me
If the Savior Stood Beside Me
The Sacred Grove

We Thank thee O God for a Prophet
When I am Baptized
Families Can Be Together Forever

A Child's Prayer
These are the others I included for those who aren't doing the same songs we are. If you are doing something other than this just ask and I will try to find the time to include your needs in here.Or make your own, I am sure many of you are much more creative than I am at thinking of these.

We'll Bring the World His Truth
Children Holding Hands around the world

Follow the Prophet

Joseph Smith's First Prayer

Upon a Golden Spring Time

Praise to the Man

The Priesthood is Restored

Stand for the Right

the Golden Plates

This is my Beloved Son

This is my Beloved Son
Book of Mormon Stories

Again if there is a song you would like me to try to add, comment and let me know I will try. 
You can either click on the pictures you need/want and "save as" to your computer they should be in a 8.5*11 size or click here to download all in a zip file
I hope this helps someone. Enjoy

Disclaimer (confession)- picture of the children around the world I swiped from fellow chorister site. Check out her ideas too.


Unknown said...

Hey, I recognize some of that! :) Found your blog on accident. Love your ideas! And thanks for the link.

Alison Bayles said...

Where did you get that clipart version of President Monson? Do you know if it is copyrighted, or can I use it with some LDS products that I create?

Arizona Girl said...

I got the photo of President Monson from the church website.
it is from the coloring pages the FRIEND on the church website. Yes they are copyrighted. I have probably violated the copyrights. I figured the images were put on the website for our use in our callings and I am sharing it for the others to use in their callings. I download the photos off the church website in pdf form and then use that in my photoshop.

Alison Bayles said...

Thanks for letting me know. You're probably okay because you're just sharing them with others to help in their callings, but I'm glad to know that because it probably wouldn't be appropriate for us to use it to sell product, so thanks for the feedback.