Sunday, June 30, 2013

Singing Time Jeopardy

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These are my questions and points. Over all I tried to make the questions more hard or more personal as the points increase. Instead of calling it a "daily double" I called it a "double dare" if they complete the dare they get double the points. You can split them into teams or as I like to do we as a primary are a team together to see how many points we can collectively get before our time is over. With the "double dare" if they will not complete the dare another child an do the dare for the points on the card. Another way to help sing more as part of this "singing time" is have the primary sing the verse the question goes to, then have the child answer the question.  I do not make the children answer the question in the form of a question.

Each song is its own category. 

I am a Child of God
100         You are a child __ ___
200         Sing song while standing on one leg (3rd verse).
300         Which verse says:  “help me to understand His words”
400         Double Dare: Sing first verse all by yourself
500         Sing song without saying the word CHILD
600         With parents ____ and dear.
700         Sing the whole song while patting your knees to the song’s rhythm.
800         How do you feel Heavenly Father’s love for you being His child?
My Heavenly Father Loves Me
100         Feel what on your face
200         Sing second verse while rolling your arms “do as I’m doing” style
300         Sing first verse while facing the “back” of the room
400         What creation are you thankful fore?
500         He gave me my ____ my ____ my ____
600         Double Dare: Sing first verse all by yourself while touching your nose
700         Sing second verse while covering your eyes (or you the chorister can choose their ears)
800         Which verse is your favorite part of this song. Please sing it for us.
If the Savior Stood Beside Me
100         Would I ___ the things I do?
200         Sing first verse while touching your elbow
300         Would I try to share the ______
400         Sing second verse while swaying arms like an elephant (reverently)
500         What do you do to show HF you love him
600         Sing third verse while scratching like a monkey (reverently)
700         Even though you can’t see Him you are in His ______ ______
800         Share an experience where you felt close to our Savior/HF?
The Sacred Grove
100         Morning sun shone _____ and round
200         Sing second verse marching quietly in place
300         Double Dare:  Sing the first verse just your class.
400         Who appeared to Joseph Smith?
500         What were the fears Joseph had?
600         Sing the whole song while “leading” the music
700         What was the message that calmed Joseph’s fears?
800         What age was Joseph when he went to pray in the sacred grove
We Thank thee o God for a prophet
100         Sing song with a BIG smile
200         The gospel _____our minds with its rays
300         Double Dare: Pick one friend to come sing the song with you
400         Who is our prophet currently?
500         Pleasure to do what?
600         Who is your favorite prophet in the scriptures –why?
700         Sing song with your hands on your head and your legs crossed while standing.
800         Share an experience when you felt the Holy Ghost testify about a prophet? Scriptures, current, general conference, while someone else bore their testimony….
When I am Baptized
100         Double Dare: Sing first verse just you and the class across the isle from your class.
200         Ponder on the beauty of what made clean again?
300         Sing song pretending to reverently hula hoop
400         What washes away when we are baptized?
500         Sing second verse hold your neighbor’s hand.
600         Why are their rainbows after rain?
700         What does “Improve yourself each day” mean?
800         Share how you felt on your baptism day? Or how do you feel about being able to be baptized?
Extra bonus

100         What is the name of the primary president?
200         what Holiday is this week?
300         What is the bishop’s name?
400         What is the prophet’s first name?
500         What magazine does the church produce/print for children?
600         What do you get to decorate for Thursday’s ward party
700         What has been this month’s sharing time theme?
800         Share/Bare your testimony to us

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