Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Singing Fish Review

Singing Fish was one we did a few Sundays ago as a review.
The idea is to have "mama" fish and "baby" fish and have the children return the baby fish to their mama. Our children really enjoyed it, especially JR primary. When you match a baby to the mama you sing the verse that is written on the baby fish. Our JR primary were so upset when Singing Time was over and they were so worried about the babies that didn't get back to their mamas.
Here is the instructions and songs we used. I know that not everyone picked the same songs we did. But that means you only have 2 songs to pick lines from those verses. 
Here are some sihloettes of fish that you can use as a guide to cut them out. I just free handed mine out of construction paper (oval with a triangle tail) then I drew on eyes and mouths.

Here is a picture of what my fish looked like.
Have fun reviewing and playing with singing fish.
*It doesn't have to be fish. It could be any animal or even people. It is just really easy to cut out fish.

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