Thursday, August 1, 2013

Teaching "A Child's Prayer"

I created visuals, the song by itself is hard for the younger kids. About half of our Senior Primary already knew and remembered the song. I guess that tells you when the last time our ward did this song for the program was. I'm out of town this Sunday so I taught the song last Sunday. Our SR primary is learning both verses and we are only teaching (mostly due to time) the first verse to JR primary.
This is my favorite primary song and in all my years of primary I have never had the opportunity to teach this song. Maybe that has been for the better because this song was *really* hard for me to teach.
tips from my mistakes-
1. Have them hum the melody to each song first, then learn each verse with ONLY that melody. Our pianist kept playing everything while they were learning it and it was really making it hard on the younger children.
2. Start introducing the song by having another adult come and sing the two parts with you. I tried to sing it by myself and it didn't go so well and then I couldn't do two parts at once. (or have two of the older children sing it for the primary).
3. Focus and the melody and then the words. If I had to do it over again I would encourage the children to hum each note if they weren't sure of the word yet.

I love this song, I just feel that it is a hard song to have as the last of the year. We have only this month to focus on reviewing because our program is the 22nd and all the Sundays in September are going to be used to practice for the program. We need to have the song Program Ready by then.
Here is a link to download my visuals as a zip file or you can "Save image as" each of the following.

I had a request for a copy with "no words" for use in other languages.

I hope my visuals help someone. I do them in black and white to make it easy on your printers. (I can only print in b&w) and you can color them yourself your have children in your primary color them for you. Note: most of my clip art are from the Church's webside coloring pages for Primary children. I do not have the copyrights to those pages. The rest of the image I found on the internet under public domain clip art or I made them myself. You may not use my visuals for any purpose other than personal or church use. Any uses that result in you making money is prohibited. 


Mel said...

Looks great!! Are the images of Heavenly Father from the church's website?

Arizona Girl said...

YES! all the pictures except the castle, the hearts, and the world are from the church website. The question mark is just a font.

Chrissy said...

Thank you so, so much!!

Mandy said...

Thank you!

Cherilyn said...

Thank you! I have been searching for a black and white flip chart. I taught the first verse last week using the GAK but I think JR primary will like this better!

Becky Trimble said...

Do you have a version of this without the words? I teach a bi-lingual primary (English and Italian) and I'd love to modify this in Italian so I can have the same visual to teach both versions. Thanks!! Grazie!!!

Arizona Girl said...

@Becky Trimble
link for no words

Michelle Collett said...

Thank you for these!!

L.Frost said...

I just got called last minute to sub for singing time and totally used your pictures for A Child's Prayer. Thanks to you primary is not going to be a derailed train wreck!

Lyn said...

Thanks, Arizona girl! Very helpful :)