Monday, August 23, 2010

Weight Watchers Update

I'm still going! After long plateau I finally got my body past it by adding the elliptical to my daily routine.  I also started saving my weekly points to eat all on one day. I don't know if its both of them or just the elliptical but I got past the plateau and am on the loosing side again. Since then I've been averaging almost a pound and a half a week.  It won't get me to my goal by my desired date, but if I can keep it up I will be very close to my goal by the desired date. That feels good. I'm hoping this is sustainable. 
When I was at the doctor's office this last week, I mentioned to the PA that I have a little over 20 lbs to reach my goal weight. She was  surprised and said that she didn't think I needed to loosed that much still. She went out and got a chart. She said that I'm only about 10 lbs overweight and that after that yes, 20 is more solidly in the middle of my range, but 10 lbs is all I need to not be considered overweight. That felt so good to hear. I've been told I'm overweight since returning from my mission. The last time I was told I wasn't overweight was the physical I had just before leaving on my mission. That's almost 10 years ago. I know I've only had one child and that I'm going to gain weight with each child. But the fact that I am better off today, than when I had my first child gives me hope that each time I can do it again. I can used what I've learned to get myself back each time. Its possible. I did it once I can do it again.
I'm still shooting for those 20 lbs. I'd feel a little better being solid in my weight range. But if the time comes and we are expecting our next child and I still haven't made it all the way through those 20 lbs, I don't think I'll be as hard on myself as I would have.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Blogs to take Note of

After a conversation with my mother I decided to start another blog. A blog all about reviews. I plan on writing reviews about anything that suits my fancy to. 

Its called:

So check it out.

Also my husband decided to start a blog it is mostly his political views (from the view point of a very logical, Libertarian, political active, 20something-almost 30something, LDS man. Take a look.

Its called: