Monday, April 25, 2011

Family Pictures before my husband deploys

So my husband is deploying here in a couple weeks. It came on sort of suddenly. Sort of because he applied last May/June (2010). In February, we were contacted that about interviewing and screening for the job. End of March he was offered the job. We discussed how this is an awkward time for our family. Also the options of when to leave since he could have up to a few months to get his life in order to leave. We've known that this was something he was going to need to do for his career since I married him in 2008. Many opportunities have come up and we haven't felt at a loss for not taking them, they were mediocre opportunities for his career. But this opportunity is the best one out there. We had made the choice that we couldn't put our family on hold just in case this job came there, and with government work you never know how that it will be before it does, and on the same lines we couldn't put this job aside just because its not a good time for our family- is a deployment ever going to be good timing? NO, it is never going to be a good time. Also we didn't want to put off Cory leaving us because we didn't want him to miss the entire first year of these babies lives.
In light of all this we knew we wanted to have professional pictures taken before he leaves. Not that its a good time for my body. My nose is starting to swell, I'm as big now as I was with my son at 38 weeks. And finding coordinating maternity clothes was a real challenge. We had them taken at the Mesa Arizona Temple since we were in Mesa to spend Easter with my family. They were done by Brianna Yardley. She did a great job. I ended up making my shirt from the same shirt my husband is waring. I went back, bought a 2nd shirt and then cut it up re-sewing it and made it into a maternity shirt. I plan on blogging about it on my other blog,  Here are a few of my favorite pictures that were taken....
All these pictures and more can be found on Brianna's blog.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"My guess is they're both Girls"

So March 28 I was 17 weeks, at the ultra sound they looked for gender. One they were able to sort of get a look. The doctor said he would guess it was a girl.
During the consultation segment he explained the signs that they may be identical twins but in two separate (but apparently really thin) sacks. So based on that his opinion is that it is likely they are identical that would make the other a girl also since identical twins. 
He also use the phrase "not seeing anything obvious" to say that's why he'd guess they are girls. I'm not going to count on twin girls just yet. Only because "not seeing anything obvious" was the exact phrase my OB doctor use right before he pronounced my son a girl in the 25 week ultra sound.
But since I'm high risk we're going to be getting an ultra sound every 2 weeks so we'll get plenty of more looks at these two.
This picture is cute, its of their feet, 4 feet right next to each other.