Sunday, August 14, 2011

They're Here (Announcing the birth of our Twins)

Short Story:
Doctor decided I needed to be induced. Checked into the hospital Tues night but due to no room in the inn (labor and delivery), I sat around the hospital until Wen night when at 9pm my doctor broke my water sac on Baby A, presenting baby. Baby A was born at 1:06am. Baby B being breech my doctor was awesome and delivered her fully breech, born 1:10am.
Here is the long story (not for those of you who hate birthing details)
Last Sunday my husband arrived back from his deployment for his RandR. RandR planned to be here for the birth. Due to the distance we live from our doctor and the hospital we were planing to deliver, we went to Tucson to stay for however long it would take. Tuesday morning when we arrived in Tucson I had an NST (nonstress test) and then a doctor's appointment. The NST went well, and so did my doctor's appointment, when the doctor checked me I was dilated to a 6! Not in labor. So we discus that although our hotel is 8 minutes from the hospital, it isn't 8 minutes from the delivery room and if these babies come anywhere near as fast as my son, then we might end up delivering in the hospital lobby. So it was decided that she'd induce me that night, show up at 8pm to the hospital. But by 8pm the hospital was hopping and it was super busy and there were no available beds in Labor and Delivery, but I was considered Pre-Term labor and they put me in a room to wait. In the morning we did an amniocentesis to make sure they were actually ready to come out (SUPER PAINFUL- rather have contractions than that ever again). Their numbers were good so we were a go. Still just waiting on a bed in Labor and Delivery to open up. I was so upset, I felt like a prisoner in the hospital and that they were never going to move me to L and D unless I went into full labor. Finally around 8pm they said there was going to have a bed open. At a few minutes before 9 my doctor broke my water on Baby A. Contractions started, but even after 2 hours I hadn't progresses a ton. After a lengthy discussion I finally gave into a low low dose of Oxytocin. This really kicked the contractions into gear. I was able to stay on top of them, but they were hard and didn't always let up with a break in between. Then the nurse boosted me to a higher dose. This almost made me pass out. I couldn't take it. I started to not be able to breath and my face was flushed. I asked the nurse to lower the does back down. I was so grateful that she complied because I couldn't do those high contractions. After all a woman can only take so much with no pain reliving drugs. At about midnight they wheeled me into the surgery room. Because Baby B was breech they had to be ready in case a c-section was needed. Baby A still wasn't far into the birth canal so we had a lot of pushing to do to get her down and out, born at 1:06am. Then the high risk doctor assisting my doctor was looking at Baby B through the ultra sound, she was telling everyone to prepare for a c-section. My doctor was so awesome. I am so grateful we felt inspired to go with her. She told everyone to hold on, reach up inside, grabbed Baby B's feet, pulled her partial out. Broke her water sac, then reached in again tucked her arms safely down and pulled out the rest of Baby B, born at 1:10am. Wow that was intense on my end but I am so grateful that she was comfortable doing that rather then resorting to a c-section. Awesome. 
Welcome back all readers....

We named Baby A, Penelope. And Baby B we named Rosalind. We are going to call Penelope, Nellie, or just P is what our toddler calls her. Rosalind we are going to call Rose. I wanted to call her Roz, but my husband doesn't like Roz, but we were both will to go with Rose. They are new and beautiful and so tiny. The Pediatric nurse who discharged us said that she wouldn't have felt comfortable discharging us if this was my first pregnancy, they would have kept us at the hospital at least until Sunday sometime. But because I was showing I knew what I was doing with nursing and taking care of them she was comfortable sending us home with our babies who were born pre-term at 36 weeks and 2 days. I am so grateful everything worked out well. It was a great stress in my life. Now my stresses can change to learning to take care of two babies at once with a toddler running around.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Daddy's Home

We had to request Daddy's R and R leave like vacation time so that he could be for the birth of these babies. He got home Sunday late morning. Yeah! We drove to Tucson yesterday morning and picked him up. Came home, he showered and then we went to sacrament meeting as a family for the first time is a little over 3 months. It felt so nice Now my paranoia about having to go though child birth without him can be put to rest. We did have a joke that if these babies came before he made it back then he was relinquishing naming rights to these babies. So now he has all his rights to naming back.
Now that Daddy is home we need these babies to come on their own. I don't want to wait to our induce date, Aug 18 Thursday an induction is scheduled at the hospital. I think that next Monday would be the best day to have these babies.

Friends to Visit

My roommate from college lives in the New England area. Each summer since they have moved out there they do a long summer road trip stopping in Wisconsin, Utah, and California. Each summer she has talked about coming all the way down south to come see me and my family but the long and the short of it is, my home is too much out of the way. Last summer she decided that no matter what they were making a stop down here. that was also before we knew we were going to be expecting at that time, let alone with two. But the plans were made. After a doctor tried to paranoid me into voluntary bed rest (not entirely sure what he real point was), my sister suggested that I let my friend know my situation and have her cut her plans to come see me. I felt fine about it and figured if they only stay a couple days it was still better than nothing.
They stayed from Tues to Saturday and it was fine. Our children got along great! My son would even still take his naps and go to bed on time. Two things that never happen when his cousins come to visit. We spend a lot of that week at the park, playing outside, and going to the pool. My friend did most of the cooking, not just because she was trying to help out the pregnant woman, but because her daughter is deathly allergic to all milk and dairy products. I never knew dairy was in so many products that you'd never think about. Since I'm Gestational diabetes and she has her milk allergy, we must have been an odd crew when ordering food when we ate out.

I loved having my friend come visit. I felt a little bad taking time away from her family members visiting time. But it was so much fun and I have missed her greatly. I said she was my roommate in college. We have actually be very good friends for much longer than that. We met at BYU music camp when we were 15 years old. We have kept in contact all that time, when we got to college we became roommates, I took classes with her husband (we had the same major), I went to her wedding, and when I finally got married she came out for mine. One Thanksgiving when we were roommates, she came home with me for the holiday break. We learned that my mom and her mom were roommates while young adults. Such a small world. 
Thanks for the visit. I really should visit you, but at least for the foreseeable time to come I don't see any road trips in our life.