Tuesday, March 9, 2010


So I'm starting to feel like I've hit a plateau doing what we're doing. I have hovered around the same weight for a while now. It has been a good 5 weeks now that not much has happened. Ending week 7 the scales did tip downward just enough that it was time to officially cut off another point. I say officially because as I have tried to cut down the number of daily nursings my baby gets, I've been cutting points off my daily points too. So even on weeks when I didn't loose enough to go down a point, I still have been cutting off a point. That means that each week I've been cutting down and eating less but nothing is happening. At least I haven't really gained. I have fluctuated around a pound, but that is it. I know I need to do something but what. Then I keep wondering if it has something to do with nursing, should I have not taken away those points yet, since we are still nursing more than half the time. When we first started I wasn't doing anything, that was until I started making sure I ate every one of my points every day, and then results started to show. I'm still trying to eat every one of my points everyday, but am I shooting myself in the foot since I have 4 points I just decided I'm not eating? This is one way in which actually doing WW with WW would be nice. I'd have an actually consultant to help me through this problem. I'm still happy with it and I'm not going to give it up, after all its a lifestyle not a diet. But it is always easier to make those choices when you can see results, slow and sure or not, as long as they are there.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Toes, Knees, Shoulders, Head, Shoulders, Head,.....

I have a jar that I use when I want to repeat songs but keep the children interested in singing it over and over and over and over.... in it there are instructions on how to sing the song (buzzing, mooing, with your hand on your head, in a higher voice). I've seen these jars on many other chorister's blogs, so I know I'm not the only one. The other day I put in the jar "sing 'Head Shoulders Knees and Toes' backwards". The younger children were completely thrilled with the idea of trying this. They tried so hard, go so confused, and laughed very hard. The SR primary didn't seem so sure of themselves. Instead they whined about trying. However, once they tried, they wanted to do it again and again and again.
Here is how it goes:
Toes Knees and Shoulders head, shoulders head shoulders head.
Toes Knees and Shoulders head, shoulders head shoulders head.
Noes, Mouth, Ears and eyes.

It was so much fun.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just I want to thank all ya'll so visit this blog and who post links on your sites. I know I have a lot more regular visitors than leave comments, but I was amazed when I looked at my Google Analytics and saw that on Saturday this blog had 385 visitors. At the time I wrote this post the YouTube video of "Follow the Prophet" had 382 views. I am amazed. It makes me feel so appreciated. I love ya'lls comments. I hope that my site is a help to many of you.

Play Date

I've been trying harder to make sure Baby Al has time around other babies and children. We've started going to the park once a week, and trading babysitting. Here is our play date the other day with my friend's baby. Baby Al wanted to wrestle. Is this innately found in boys or is it because his parents play with him that way? nature verse nurture. 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Teaching: "Follow the Prophet"

I already posted the ASL for the YouTube page of "Follow the Prophet" but here is the link again. 

For Teaching it: ALL of March will be spent teaching it in a combined Singing and Sharing Time
March 7: Since Fast Sunday always runs short on time, we are doing more of an introduction to start. The Primary president is going to talk about prophets, what is a prophet, who are prophets, we are going to introduce our Prophet timeline. Then I am going to teaching the chorus with the sign language (ASL, see above or previous post). Then depending on the time we have left we are going to start learning the verses.  We were inspired by the March Friend "Follow the Prophet" activity. If you haven't checked it out yet you need to. We are going to start by matching the phrases to the Prophet. As we match a prophet we are going to put them on our timeline, have a child dress up as the prophet, learn about the prophet (quick lesson about why they were a prophet and their life), and then learn the verse about that prophet. I made helps that go on scrolls. They turned out so cute. The scroll ends I made with big craft Popsicle sticks. Two taped together over lapping just a little at the end. They are just copy paper rolled down with brown construction paper covering the sticks at the ends. The pictures I drew myself, really basic, I didn't glue pictures on because I didn't want the extra bulk. If I was to do it again I would have created it all in photoshop and then printed and taped those pages as the scroll. They didn't take me that long to make, and they work. My favorite one I did is the Jonah verse. I love to draw fish.
Also check out the new verse about President Monson in the Friend.

9. Heavenly Father loves us and wants us to return.
He blesses us with prophets who help us to learn.
President Monson humbly leads God’s Church today.

As we heed his words, we’ll walk a righteous way. 

So that first Sunday we are not going to rush anything, just take it slow learn what comes up, I am going to take my time teaching the verse with the scroll
Mar 14,21,28: Continue on with the activity of matching phrases to prophets, learning about each prophet, and then using the scroll to teach the verse and in between review what verses we have learned and using the ASL for the chorus. Once we have learned all the verses, we are going to assign classes verses to learn. They will take some time to learn the verse and then stand as a class (or two classes if your primary isn't that large) and preform the verse as an entire class.
Program- For the program we are going to do the 1st verse-Adam, the new last verse-President Monson, and then two other verses that the SR Primary will get to VOTE for their favorite to do. After that we are considering having some of the JR primary classes  preform in the program a verse as a class for their portion of the program.
Good Luck to all ya'll out there.

ASL "Follow The Prophet"

I made an instructional recording of the chorus of "Follow the Prophet". I posted it on YouTube hoping that in the long run it will be easier to find, and not eat up all the storage space allotted by blogger.
Follow the Prophet

Hope ya'll enjoy doing this with your children. We certainly have.

Sorry that I haven't put our other plans on yet, I've been having problems with our main computer that I put my pictures on. Hopefully I will get that on soon.