Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Shower for Twin Girls

My mom and sister threw me a baby shower for these twin girls. Everyone must love picking out girl clothes because we were given so many more clothes items then we did with my son. It was going to be a smaller family and close friends shower, but just about everyone came and it was a big group. 
Sometimes I forget that when you're inviting just family even we have a huge family then add in a few friends and we have a big group. I wanted to talk to everyone, but it was so busy and I hardly had the time. My sister did a great job planing. She enjoys putting things like this together. She wanted to play some twin games. She came up with two. 
The first one was called "Is a twin or has twins" I've pasted it here, see how you would have done:

·         Justin Timberlake
·         Sarah Jessica Parker
·         Elvis Presley
·         Shawn Marion
·         Singer Duffy
·         Celine Dion
·         Vin Diesel
·         Millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hurst
·         Lisa Marie Presley
·         Ed Sullivan
·         Liberace
·         Isabella Rossellini
·         Denzel Washington
·         Jane Seymore
·         Julia Roberts
·         Broncos quarterback John Elway
·         Mariah Carey
·         Mohammad Ail
·         Actress Parker Posey 
·         Actor Andy Garcia
·         Eva Green
·         Terminator Linda Hamilton

And the answers...
·         Justin Timberlake-twin(Laura Katherine, died after birth)
·         Sarah Jessica Parker-has twin girls, (Marion Loretta and Tabitha)
·         Elvis Presley- Twin (Jesse Garon, died at birth)
·         Shawn Marion- twin (sister Shawnette)
·         Singer Duffy- Twin (sister katy)
·         Celine Dion-has twins (Boys 2010)
·         Vin Diesel-twin (Brother Paul Vincent)
·         Millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hurst- twin died at birth
·         Lisa Marie Presley- has twins(Finley and Harper)
·         Ed Sullivan- twin, died in infancy
·         Liberace- twin, died in infancy
·         Isabella Rossellini- Twin sister (Isotta)
·         Denzel Washington- has twins (Malcolm and Olivia)
·         Jane Seymore- has twin boys
·         Julia Roberts- has twin (Hazel and Phinnaeus)
·         Broncos quarterback John Elway- twin brother
·         Mariah Carey- has twins (Monroe and Moroccan)
·         Mohammad Ail- has twin girls (Jamillah and Rasheda)
·         Actress Parker Posey- twin (brother Chris)
·         Actor Andy Garcia- conjoint twin, brother died shortly after removal
·         Eva Green- twin sister Joy
·         Terminator Linda Hamilton- twin sister Leslie
           How did you do? 
       The other game she came up with was done on Power Point. She would show a picture and we'd have to       guess who the person's famous twin is. Most of them I didn't even know who they were. I'm not up on my current celebrities.
        We had a great turn out to the shower. 
Thank-you to all who came. I wish I had been able to catch up with each of you.

Uncle Justin and Winnie the Pooh

The last couple times we've gone up to Phoenix I haven't contacted my brother-in-law. Busy, oversight, forgetfulness, lack of knowing what to do, all are to blame. I don't want him to feel that since my husband isn't around he isn't going to see his nephew. So this trip up I made the effort to contact Uncle Justin and see if he had time to meet us for breakfast or lunch some time. I even threw out there that if he wanted to he could join us in seeing the new Winnie the Pooh movie (came out July 15). He jumped on breakfast and going to the movie. Cool. Saturday July 16th we went to breakfast at Denny's (side note- really diabetic friendly place to eat). 
Then after breakfast we went over to the movie theater. My in-laws had given us gift cards to a movie theater in our Christmas stockings our first Christmas. We had used a little on each card over the past 3 years, but never seem to use them because we don't live near the theaters the gift cards are to. So I made a point of us going to one this time, after paying for 2 adults, 1 child, popcorn, water, and soda, it only cost us 3.50. Sweet. Winnie the Pooh was really cute. It was enjoyable for my son, and I really liked that it was cleaver, cute, and done in the traditional Winnie the Pooh style. Yes its not a movie I would choose to go on a date with my husband to or see with my girlfriends, but really enjoyable. My son handled the theater experience really well. The movie itself was only 1 hour and 3 minutes, I don't think he would have done with a much longer movie. We saw CARS 2 on my father-in-law's birthday and I had to take Al out once just for the change of pace. So Pooh was just the right length. Also now he finds stuffed animals of Pooh or pictures of Pooh and holds them up and says "Pooh", you can also prompt him by saying "Winnie the" and he smiles and finished "Pooh"- cute. 
We had a good time with Uncle Justin. I didn't think he'd be interested in the movie, but he was interested in getting some Uncle time. I forget that out of my son's uncles (not counting my brother on a mission), Uncle Justin gets the least amount of time with Al and the least amount of quality time. I was glad he had the time to meet up with us and get some uncle time.

Monday, July 25, 2011

4th of July Weekend

 The weekend of the 4th of July my sister's family came down to play. We went to splash time on Saturday morning, and dinner at Denny's that evening. Sunday they came to my ward with me and then instead of going over to my in-laws for dinner, my in-laws joined us at my house. On the fourth, we went to my ward's annual pancake breakfast. The primary children preformed and after breakfast the children rode their trikes, wagons, and bikes. 
In the afternoon we went over my in-laws home for a cook out. Yummy food and then it started to rain. The children played in the rain and got so soaked. When we brought them inside they got to play in their diapers while we dried their clothes. 

Lizzy and Al are so cute, same size and all running around in diapers. Tuesday we went to Bisbee and then my brother-in-law went home. 
My sister and her children stayed a couple more days and then drove with me to Tucson on Thursday. It was fun having them down. We love having visitors. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Going Good

my sister caught me off guard with this photo, 31 weeks
Everything is going well with these twins. They are growing at a healthy rate. We're doing good. Twins are a lot more trouble getting them to full term than I'd want to deal with. Not only do I have my weekly doctor's appointments but now they want me to go to the hospital maternity ward for NST monitoring (non stress test) twice a week. It just takes so much time out of my life to be doing all these appointments. Every time I go I should expect it to take an hour, but the baby on the left is a trouble maker and keeps moving behind her sister so we can't read her for the full time, so it gets extended. When the one on the right is done with her ~20 minutes she decides she is done completely and kicks the monitor until it goes away. How do I end up with such stubborn children? The nurses at the hospital are going to know me real well after all this.
In addition, I'm gestational diabetes. I had already been eating a gestational diabetes diet since 24 weeks. My midwife had recommended this with my son and it made since. She recommends all her patients to eat this way for the last couple months of their pregnancy even if they passed the glucose test. She says that it helps you and your baby gain "the right type of weight". Well with Little Al I only gained 13lbs total and he weighed 7lbs 6oz so I felt confident that eating that way helped. So I had decided to eat that way. Now until week 27 I wasn't super strict on it. I would eat something here or there. I took the one hour test and failed it. Since I had already made the commitment to this type of diet, I declined taking the three hour test. I just didn't feel like I could handle it or the stress of doing it. So my doctor got me a glucose meter and I test myself regularly. The hardest part about actually being GD is I can't every once in a while say oh well and eat something. But I can't now.
Overall all the frustrations of this pregnancy haven't been that bad. Nothing that I can not cope with. I was telling my chiropractor the other day when getting my adjustment that if this back pain from carrying two is the  worst thing to happen during this pregnancy I should feel blessed. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if the only reason everything is going so perfect for twins is that Heavenly Father knows that with all the other trials in my life right now the last thing I need is to be on bed rest in the hospital worrying about my son. Whatever the reason, I feel very blessed.