Monday, October 24, 2011

Singing time Idea: Singing Mustaches

My friend made these for her son's birthday party and I thought about how if I was still the Primary chorister that I would totally use these one Sunday.
how they're made:
foam sheets, trace or draw various mustaches. 
Cute them out. glue to popsicle sticks.

There you are, go have fun and be creative. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Wreath

I'm not a crafty person. You may disagree with me but craftiness is not a first or second or even third nature to me. I always look at other people crafts and think I wish I could be crafty like that.
A friend of mine posted this link on her facebook page
I used the same looping idea they used, but I looped multiple times. Instead of the Glue Dots I used Styrofoam glue to connect the fabric to the Styrofoam. If you want to make such a thing I recommend the Glue Dots, the Styrofoam glue took forever to dry and it took forever to glue it. The Glue Dots make it quick and easy. I just was lazy not wanting to go to the store to get them.
 I wanted to make my wreath a fall wreath. So I can put it up as soon as fall starts and leave it up until right after Thanksgiving.
I love Fall

Cloth Diaper Photoshoot (2months)

I only have 2 diapers that fit my babies well. I wanted to take some cute pictures of them wearing their cloth.  I'm no photographer. In fact these pictures are comical to me.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 We can tell them apart by Rose's birthmark on her left eyelid. Its the only way we know for sure on how to tell the difference. 
 I laugh every time I look at this photo.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my darling babies.

Al's New Hat

Al found this hat at Crismon's Baby Boutique in Mesa (on Stapley). It was so cute and he loves hats so much- I just couldn't deny him. Even though the hat is a bit small on him. He wants to ware it all the time. It looks like the "UP" hat. Its adorable.