Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fall in Arizona (it feels like winter)

Happy Fall
This is not Arizona fall weather. This is Utah fall weather. We are freekin' COLD. I have turned on my heater. We have snow on our mountains. And I have to bundle up my children to do anything. Its been this way for a week now. I am cold. November in Arizona is suppose to be cool enough that you can start to ware pants, but still warm enough that you can ware pants if you want to. NOT suppose to be so cold that pants are requite and so are closed toe shoes and long sleeves.
 This was one of the warmer days we've been having.
Yes its nice not to be in the 100's anymore. And the snow on the mountains are beautiful. And this area really really needs the rain and the snow.... but I'm just cold. Its too early. We are still in Fall and this is Winter weather.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nightmare Mayor Costume

As I said in the previous post, I love to make and design costumes. My brother came to me wanting to be the Mayor from the motion picture "Nightmare before Christmas" He had already decided to just ware his suit, get a spider for the tie and find a red ribbon, but he needed the hat. I designed how to make it and made it for him.
Here is how we made it:
  • 2 Styrofoam cones tips cut off and glued thin ends together.
  • 2 polyester witches' hats
  • ~ 1ft of grey/silver duck tape

it turned out AWESOME.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fairy Godmother Costume

My friend Amanda, wanted a fairy godmother costume to go with her daughter's costume of Cinderella. She asked me about making one because she knows I sew. I would totally love to make it. I love making costumes. My husband and I have discussed actually advertising the fact that I do custom costumes.
How we made it?
  • 1 pattern for a Jedi hooded robe (cut on fold so that it was closed)
  • 1 large old blue king size sheet
  • 2 yards of pink fabric
My favorite part is that I used a Jedi costume pattern to make it. Cut the outside from the blue sheet and the lining from the pink. We didn't line the whole thing just the sleeves and the hood. Then we made a waist belt tie to give it more shape. Looked awesome. thanks Amanda for giving me that chance. I've missed doing sewing.

Train! Historic UP844 travels though SE Arizona

Thursday 10Nov2011
we went up to Benson to see Union Pacific Historic Steam Engine train 844. It pulled into the train stop and blew its whistle. It was huge and LOUD. My son hid behind me and covered his ears every time the whistle blew. At first I worried that he was scared of the train and I had now ruined trains for him from here on out but that wasn't the case, it made him love trains more as my husband put it he realized the "awesome power" that a train is. He love it. 
We only got to see the train for about 15 minutes and it was totally worth the 45 minute drive to Benson.

Friday 11Nov2011-Happy Veteran's day (THANK-YOU TO ALL TO SERVE OUR COUNTRY)

My in-laws and my family drove to Tucson to see the train again. It was on display all day in the Union Pacific train yards. We first went to Michaels and JoAnn Fabrics. Then met up with my sister's family at the train yard. This time the train wasn't on. It wasn't blowing its whistle. But instead they had stairs up to the cab so that turns could be taken in looking into the cab. You could also walk all the way around and stay as long as you like
All this for FREE. Besides the gas to get to the train this did not cost us a thing.
If you'd like to learn more about the UP844's journey from WY looping through CO,TX,NM,AZ,CA,NV,UT and back to WY check out the following website.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
We had a long Halloween time. We went to my sister's ward's Trunk or Treat/Fall Festival on Wend. night, Friday was my parent's Trunk or Treat. Saturday we went to the Balloon Festival (that was suppose to have trick or treating so my son wore his Sparky costume), then Monday we went to my mother-in-law's office party cubical to cubical trick or treating. That evening we went to Aunt and Uncle and Grandma and Granpop's and we were done.
Little Al was "Sparky" the ASU Sun Devil mascot.
 My sister's family did a Star Wars theme, with her husband as Darth Vader, she was Padame, her son was Luke Skywalker, and her daughter was Leia. 
My son was totally interested in this candy thing. This year he got that he was getting candy, but I don't think I got him to actually say "trick or treat" to someone even once. 
Love this photo. Grandpa is trying to talk Princess Leia out of her Almond Joy (he says he wanted to give it to Grandma) 
My original costume idea didn't work out the costume as designed on the pattern looked HORRIBLE on me. So I only used part of it and said I was a Woods Nymph. We had fall flowers and leaves coming out of every part of my hair. 
My girls went as "Salt and Pepper" Rose was Salt and Nellie was Pepper.
They were just too darn cute! Wish I could say I made Little Al's "Sparky" costume, I purchase it 2nd hand from someone who had made it for their 2 yr old. I made my costume. I made the girl's hats, they are just knit and I found a pattern online. But their onsies and tights I bought.
Happy Halloween

Figure it out and move on with life

Life doesn't stop. You can't just sit in your house and wait for your children to grow up. There are still things that need to get done and things to go out and do. Life lately has been about finding things that work for me as  a mother of a toddler and twin new born girls.
I am grateful for the double universal car seat stroller that we were given and the Moby wrap that someone gave us. Without those two things I don't think leaving my house I could be functional. 
I meet people all the time who say that they have no idea how I'm doing this, or are in awe that I'm brave enough to leave my house. My answer is almost always something to the effect of "well life doesn't stop, so I had to figure it out and move on with life."

Monday, October 24, 2011

Singing time Idea: Singing Mustaches

My friend made these for her son's birthday party and I thought about how if I was still the Primary chorister that I would totally use these one Sunday.
how they're made:
foam sheets, trace or draw various mustaches. 
Cute them out. glue to popsicle sticks.

There you are, go have fun and be creative. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Wreath

I'm not a crafty person. You may disagree with me but craftiness is not a first or second or even third nature to me. I always look at other people crafts and think I wish I could be crafty like that.
A friend of mine posted this link on her facebook page
I used the same looping idea they used, but I looped multiple times. Instead of the Glue Dots I used Styrofoam glue to connect the fabric to the Styrofoam. If you want to make such a thing I recommend the Glue Dots, the Styrofoam glue took forever to dry and it took forever to glue it. The Glue Dots make it quick and easy. I just was lazy not wanting to go to the store to get them.
 I wanted to make my wreath a fall wreath. So I can put it up as soon as fall starts and leave it up until right after Thanksgiving.
I love Fall

Cloth Diaper Photoshoot (2months)

I only have 2 diapers that fit my babies well. I wanted to take some cute pictures of them wearing their cloth.  I'm no photographer. In fact these pictures are comical to me.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 Rose on the left and Nellie on the right.
 We can tell them apart by Rose's birthmark on her left eyelid. Its the only way we know for sure on how to tell the difference. 
 I laugh every time I look at this photo.
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my darling babies.

Al's New Hat

Al found this hat at Crismon's Baby Boutique in Mesa (on Stapley). It was so cute and he loves hats so much- I just couldn't deny him. Even though the hat is a bit small on him. He wants to ware it all the time. It looks like the "UP" hat. Its adorable.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Breastfeeding in Australia

Breastfeeding in Australia: This is a combination of a praise and a rant.
I met a lady at the park the other day. She is from Australia, has twin fraternal girls who are almost two and a half. She husband is on a exchange program through the Australian army with our Army. They have lived here about a year and a half.
We were talking about caring for twins and tips and stuff. I said that I decided when getting home from the hospital that I had to figure out the feeding them at the same time thing and how it would have never been possible without the twin nursing table I have. She agreed. The nursing table is wonderful. She then started ranting on how the United States is so NOT breastfeeding friendly. How people scowl at you if you feed in public, even when you're covered. Most of all she hates that there are no public Mother's nursing rooms in the United States. She said that in Australia its is super breastfeeding friendly. That almost every public building has a Mother's Nursing Room that you can use at anytime. That public nursing is encouraged and no one bats an eye at you. She talked about how ever since Australia went to a public health program it has instituted policies to encourage breastfeeding, make it easier for mother's to breastfeed and discourage the use of formula. She said that the attitude is now that you nurse your baby until they are two. 
I wish that we had public Mother's Nursing rooms all over the place. My son would never let me cover up. I couldn't, he would cry and scream and flat out refuse to eat if there was anything covering him. I live a good distance south of town. So when I go to town I go for the day and get everything done that I need to. Which meant staying in town to feed my infant. Since I couldn't cover up that meant finding a secluded shaded place to park (which really isn't easy to do in the summer in Arizona) and sitting in my hot car feeding my baby. I had no where to go. Why is it the breastfeeding is so looked down on here in the States? I know there are movements out there trying to raise awareness of how breastfeeding is so much better than formula. That there are more and more hospitals out there trying to encourage nursing and hire Lactation Consultants.
My mom remembers her mother saying that in her day it was looked at as a sign of poverty to breastfeed. Because that meant you were too poor to buy formula. Why is it that so many women just give up on nursing without giving it a good try. Even if you have to suplement, the advantages of nursing are so great- how can you afford not to give that to your baby. I don't understand the hundreds of women who eat healthy and to everything "perfect" during their pregnancy because they want the "best" for their baby, and then buy all the organic expensive stuff afterwards because they want to give their babies the "best". But when it comes down to it the true "BEST" for you baby is the milk that you make for them, yet they don't give that to their baby.
To encourage breastfeeding, Australia has started a number of campaigns. This video is a commercial that they made. Also the Australian Breastfeeding Association rates and gives out award to the best public Mother's rooms out there. That is awesome. On their website you can see what all these places rate.
Top reasons to Breastfeed:

  1. You immune system becomes theirs, if you have had a vaccine or have build immunity to any infection you give them that immunity. With this there is no reason to seclude you and your baby for the first few months of their lives.
  2. If they are ill, your body will be making the antidote. They will get over the illness much faster and build up their own immunity to it faster.
  3. Your body made them, it knows exactly what nutrients their body needs. Your body makes milk designed to be exactly what they need for that stage of their development.
  4. With the exception of a few diet items you may need to change, they will always be able to eat your milk, unlike babies who have problems with various types of formula.
  5. Bonding between you and your baby happens on a level that just doesn't happen with bottles
  6. Your hormones are better balanced when you breastfeed. These hormones will help your body return to "normal" faster.
  7. I'm not a "Mother Nature Knows Best" person. But I am a "Heavenly Father Knows Best" person. I believe that this is how Heavenly Father designed it to work and he designs things best. I believe there is still benefits out there that we don't know about that science may yet uncover.
I wish our country could be more Breastfeeding Friendly like Australia. I don't want the Government to have to get involved. I just wish that people would become enlightened and realize that the "inconvenience" is nothing compared to the benefits. I wish that Breastfeeding would become the norm and formula would become the rare exception. And to accommodate this I wish public places would design in Mother's rooms into their design. Maybe this will become a reality someday, instead of just a dream.

One Month with Twins

 The twins are now a month old. They are both about 8 lbs. You can see the difference is 3 lbs. Their cheeks are getting chubbier, and so are their tummys, arms, and legs. But they are still small for 1 month olds.
A friend of mine had their little baby girl this week, she weighed 8lbs 10oz. I laughingly told her that her "newborn is bigger than either of my one month olds"
 We're just doing day to day. The highlight of the day is when we get to talk to daddy though Skype. I'm trying to get them to stay awake more and more during the day so that they will learn to sleep at night. We're doing mostly good with it. 
When we left the hospital, they made us rent their carseats because our carseats didn't adjust small enough for  how small our girls where when they were born. The photo is of the hospital's carseats- which I have already returned to the hospital. We are now in our own carseats. 
I have finally got brave enough to use the Moby wrap to carry both girls at the same time on my person.
I'm grateful to have such a carrier. I finally found some multiple baby carriers online at a Multiples specialty store and it was $130 before shipping for their twins carrier. Also the twin nursing table I was let has been a blessing too, that too is a 2nd hand item someone gave to me that I don't know how I would live without it.
 Al is trying to be a good helper. I'm glad he wants to be a good helper. Its hard sometimes to let him be a helper. After all a 2 year old can physically and attention span wise only do some much.
I've survived so far and I'll continue to figure it out and keep moving on with life.
I have really good kids.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

They're Here (Announcing the birth of our Twins)

Short Story:
Doctor decided I needed to be induced. Checked into the hospital Tues night but due to no room in the inn (labor and delivery), I sat around the hospital until Wen night when at 9pm my doctor broke my water sac on Baby A, presenting baby. Baby A was born at 1:06am. Baby B being breech my doctor was awesome and delivered her fully breech, born 1:10am.
Here is the long story (not for those of you who hate birthing details)
Last Sunday my husband arrived back from his deployment for his RandR. RandR planned to be here for the birth. Due to the distance we live from our doctor and the hospital we were planing to deliver, we went to Tucson to stay for however long it would take. Tuesday morning when we arrived in Tucson I had an NST (nonstress test) and then a doctor's appointment. The NST went well, and so did my doctor's appointment, when the doctor checked me I was dilated to a 6! Not in labor. So we discus that although our hotel is 8 minutes from the hospital, it isn't 8 minutes from the delivery room and if these babies come anywhere near as fast as my son, then we might end up delivering in the hospital lobby. So it was decided that she'd induce me that night, show up at 8pm to the hospital. But by 8pm the hospital was hopping and it was super busy and there were no available beds in Labor and Delivery, but I was considered Pre-Term labor and they put me in a room to wait. In the morning we did an amniocentesis to make sure they were actually ready to come out (SUPER PAINFUL- rather have contractions than that ever again). Their numbers were good so we were a go. Still just waiting on a bed in Labor and Delivery to open up. I was so upset, I felt like a prisoner in the hospital and that they were never going to move me to L and D unless I went into full labor. Finally around 8pm they said there was going to have a bed open. At a few minutes before 9 my doctor broke my water on Baby A. Contractions started, but even after 2 hours I hadn't progresses a ton. After a lengthy discussion I finally gave into a low low dose of Oxytocin. This really kicked the contractions into gear. I was able to stay on top of them, but they were hard and didn't always let up with a break in between. Then the nurse boosted me to a higher dose. This almost made me pass out. I couldn't take it. I started to not be able to breath and my face was flushed. I asked the nurse to lower the does back down. I was so grateful that she complied because I couldn't do those high contractions. After all a woman can only take so much with no pain reliving drugs. At about midnight they wheeled me into the surgery room. Because Baby B was breech they had to be ready in case a c-section was needed. Baby A still wasn't far into the birth canal so we had a lot of pushing to do to get her down and out, born at 1:06am. Then the high risk doctor assisting my doctor was looking at Baby B through the ultra sound, she was telling everyone to prepare for a c-section. My doctor was so awesome. I am so grateful we felt inspired to go with her. She told everyone to hold on, reach up inside, grabbed Baby B's feet, pulled her partial out. Broke her water sac, then reached in again tucked her arms safely down and pulled out the rest of Baby B, born at 1:10am. Wow that was intense on my end but I am so grateful that she was comfortable doing that rather then resorting to a c-section. Awesome. 
Welcome back all readers....

We named Baby A, Penelope. And Baby B we named Rosalind. We are going to call Penelope, Nellie, or just P is what our toddler calls her. Rosalind we are going to call Rose. I wanted to call her Roz, but my husband doesn't like Roz, but we were both will to go with Rose. They are new and beautiful and so tiny. The Pediatric nurse who discharged us said that she wouldn't have felt comfortable discharging us if this was my first pregnancy, they would have kept us at the hospital at least until Sunday sometime. But because I was showing I knew what I was doing with nursing and taking care of them she was comfortable sending us home with our babies who were born pre-term at 36 weeks and 2 days. I am so grateful everything worked out well. It was a great stress in my life. Now my stresses can change to learning to take care of two babies at once with a toddler running around.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Daddy's Home

We had to request Daddy's R and R leave like vacation time so that he could be for the birth of these babies. He got home Sunday late morning. Yeah! We drove to Tucson yesterday morning and picked him up. Came home, he showered and then we went to sacrament meeting as a family for the first time is a little over 3 months. It felt so nice Now my paranoia about having to go though child birth without him can be put to rest. We did have a joke that if these babies came before he made it back then he was relinquishing naming rights to these babies. So now he has all his rights to naming back.
Now that Daddy is home we need these babies to come on their own. I don't want to wait to our induce date, Aug 18 Thursday an induction is scheduled at the hospital. I think that next Monday would be the best day to have these babies.

Friends to Visit

My roommate from college lives in the New England area. Each summer since they have moved out there they do a long summer road trip stopping in Wisconsin, Utah, and California. Each summer she has talked about coming all the way down south to come see me and my family but the long and the short of it is, my home is too much out of the way. Last summer she decided that no matter what they were making a stop down here. that was also before we knew we were going to be expecting at that time, let alone with two. But the plans were made. After a doctor tried to paranoid me into voluntary bed rest (not entirely sure what he real point was), my sister suggested that I let my friend know my situation and have her cut her plans to come see me. I felt fine about it and figured if they only stay a couple days it was still better than nothing.
They stayed from Tues to Saturday and it was fine. Our children got along great! My son would even still take his naps and go to bed on time. Two things that never happen when his cousins come to visit. We spend a lot of that week at the park, playing outside, and going to the pool. My friend did most of the cooking, not just because she was trying to help out the pregnant woman, but because her daughter is deathly allergic to all milk and dairy products. I never knew dairy was in so many products that you'd never think about. Since I'm Gestational diabetes and she has her milk allergy, we must have been an odd crew when ordering food when we ate out.

I loved having my friend come visit. I felt a little bad taking time away from her family members visiting time. But it was so much fun and I have missed her greatly. I said she was my roommate in college. We have actually be very good friends for much longer than that. We met at BYU music camp when we were 15 years old. We have kept in contact all that time, when we got to college we became roommates, I took classes with her husband (we had the same major), I went to her wedding, and when I finally got married she came out for mine. One Thanksgiving when we were roommates, she came home with me for the holiday break. We learned that my mom and her mom were roommates while young adults. Such a small world. 
Thanks for the visit. I really should visit you, but at least for the foreseeable time to come I don't see any road trips in our life.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby Shower for Twin Girls

My mom and sister threw me a baby shower for these twin girls. Everyone must love picking out girl clothes because we were given so many more clothes items then we did with my son. It was going to be a smaller family and close friends shower, but just about everyone came and it was a big group. 
Sometimes I forget that when you're inviting just family even we have a huge family then add in a few friends and we have a big group. I wanted to talk to everyone, but it was so busy and I hardly had the time. My sister did a great job planing. She enjoys putting things like this together. She wanted to play some twin games. She came up with two. 
The first one was called "Is a twin or has twins" I've pasted it here, see how you would have done:

·         Justin Timberlake
·         Sarah Jessica Parker
·         Elvis Presley
·         Shawn Marion
·         Singer Duffy
·         Celine Dion
·         Vin Diesel
·         Millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hurst
·         Lisa Marie Presley
·         Ed Sullivan
·         Liberace
·         Isabella Rossellini
·         Denzel Washington
·         Jane Seymore
·         Julia Roberts
·         Broncos quarterback John Elway
·         Mariah Carey
·         Mohammad Ail
·         Actress Parker Posey 
·         Actor Andy Garcia
·         Eva Green
·         Terminator Linda Hamilton

And the answers...
·         Justin Timberlake-twin(Laura Katherine, died after birth)
·         Sarah Jessica Parker-has twin girls, (Marion Loretta and Tabitha)
·         Elvis Presley- Twin (Jesse Garon, died at birth)
·         Shawn Marion- twin (sister Shawnette)
·         Singer Duffy- Twin (sister katy)
·         Celine Dion-has twins (Boys 2010)
·         Vin Diesel-twin (Brother Paul Vincent)
·         Millionaire tycoon William Randolph Hurst- twin died at birth
·         Lisa Marie Presley- has twins(Finley and Harper)
·         Ed Sullivan- twin, died in infancy
·         Liberace- twin, died in infancy
·         Isabella Rossellini- Twin sister (Isotta)
·         Denzel Washington- has twins (Malcolm and Olivia)
·         Jane Seymore- has twin boys
·         Julia Roberts- has twin (Hazel and Phinnaeus)
·         Broncos quarterback John Elway- twin brother
·         Mariah Carey- has twins (Monroe and Moroccan)
·         Mohammad Ail- has twin girls (Jamillah and Rasheda)
·         Actress Parker Posey- twin (brother Chris)
·         Actor Andy Garcia- conjoint twin, brother died shortly after removal
·         Eva Green- twin sister Joy
·         Terminator Linda Hamilton- twin sister Leslie
           How did you do? 
       The other game she came up with was done on Power Point. She would show a picture and we'd have to       guess who the person's famous twin is. Most of them I didn't even know who they were. I'm not up on my current celebrities.
        We had a great turn out to the shower. 
Thank-you to all who came. I wish I had been able to catch up with each of you.