Friday, July 31, 2009

Aug Song: Families Can Be Together Forever

Aug. song: Families Can Be Together Forever
I wanted to make this song really simple, especailly since most of the children know, at least the first verse, already.
I found visual helps in the primary chorister box I inherited. I don't know how much I like them, but they are already ready for me.

Most likely I will use them, just because I haven't done anything I think is better. The previous chorister cut these picture out the Ensign and the Children's Friend, so they were nothing fancy, and there is no reason they should be.
The biggest thing that I plan on doing is..... start singing time by having each child draw a picture of their family. Then when we sing the word (in any of its forms) "FAMILY" everyone will hold up their picture of their family.

Happy 3 Months

Al is now three months old. He is getting so big (as my previous posts have spoke about).
Happy 3 months old!!!
On Wend. we were at the allergist to see if we would be able to do testing to find out what is causing my hives. FYI I'm allergic to almost every grass, most molds, Eucalyptus, Sycamore, Privet, Olive, Mesquite and Palo Verde trees, Yellow dock, Ragweed, Burrobrush, Carelessweed, Cocklebur, Cats and Cockroaches, oh and oysters but I don't care because I don't eat oysters. I live with a cat, we have a Mesquite tree in our yard, and I'm sure out of all the weeds on our "natural landscaped" yard some must be those I'm allergic to.
Well back to Baby Al- at the allergist there was another baby in the lobby. In talking with her mother, we discovered that our babys have the same birthday. It was so cute, we had to take a picture, this is Baby Al with Baby Chole. Chole was born at 11:52am and Al was born at 9:00pm so Chole is about 9 hours older than Al.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cousins- Lizette and Al

Lizette's baby blessing was this last Sunday. We went up to Phoenix on Saturday afternoon, and came home Sunday night. Super fast trip, but more than worth it.
I had to take some pictures of the two babies together.
Lizette is now a little over a month.
They were just so cute.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Comparing Baby

I saw on another blog where the mama had posted two pictures of her little girl, both taken in the same outfit but two months apart just to show how much her little one had grown. I thought that was such a great idea I have to copy her.
Here is Al a little less than a month old.
And this picture I took on Saturday. He is a week shy of 3 months old.
Isn't it amazing how fast they grow!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lunch in the Rain

Sometimes Al and I meet Cory up in town for lunch. I either pack us a lunch or we pick up something for us to eat. Cory has night class one night a week and sometimes we meet him up there for dinner between work and class.
Yesterday we met up for lunch, I made spaghetti. It was raining soooo much on the way up. Thank goodness for covered picnic tables. The monsoons are in full rage, and we saw it yesterday.
Rain or not lunch my my husband make the day so sunny.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Creepy Spider

This morning I was waken because Baby Al was awake and wanted to get up and eat- any mom is familiar with the story. I decided to change him from his pjs and his full diaper before feeding. Since Cory hasn't finished building the changing table yet, our temporary changing station is set up on the floor of our room, eventhough Baby Al is now sleeping the night in his crib and in his own room. Moving on with the story, I placed him on the changing pad, and was playing with all the cloth diapers trying to decide what to put on him first for the day, and then I saw it. It was huge and scary. I'm not one of those girls who are normally scared by spiders, ask any one of my college roommates. But there this huge ugly spider was right next to my baby's head. I didn't know what type of spider it was but it wasn't going to get my baby. I grabbed the baby wipe I had pulled out to clean my baby and I grabbed it and smooshed it. I had never seen a spider like this. I was a little shook up after seeing it, inspecting everything I picked up to make sure there wasn't the spider on it. I then looked it up on the computer. Finally I found a picture that looked like it. It was on another blog, they said it was a Long Legged Cellar Spider-Female with a full egg sack, in other words a common Daddy Long Legs. I've seen many Daddy Long Legs in my life but this one was totally different. I fet a little bad for killing it, I should have moved it outside, but it was right next to my baby and I felt protective. I guess I do have some motherly instincts.

Reviewing Songs: Laundry

This last week we worked on reviewing all the songs that we've learned thus far this year. I told the kids that we were going to do the laundry, and that each peice of laundry has a song on it, and was we practice the song, its as though we're scrubbing the cloths more until they are clean and ready to be put on our clothes line.
I just made the clothes out of construction paper and wrote the name of the song on the back of the clothes. The children seemed to really enjoy pinning up the clothes and were able to understand the concept that we had to sing well to get the cloths clean enough to be done.
Who knew kids would be so happy doing laundry.

Arthur the Aardvark

For years now my family has watched Arthur. It was been a whole family show for a very very long time, even my dad watches it, but maybe that has to do with his love of aardvarks- they are his favorite animal. I don't know what it is about the show that keeps us watching over and over again. There are some episodes that I have probably watched on the upwards of 15 times. My family use to joke that you know you've really made it if you get to be on the Muppet show. Now we all aspire to being on the Arthur show. While living in Utah I could watch Arthur 2 or 3 times a day. In Mesa, it was on only once a day. Down here in Sierra Vista I can watch Arthur 5 times a day in a 24 hour period. Not that I watch it that many times but its cool that if I miss it once I can watch the same episode later (its the same episode for the 24 hours). Today was an episode I had never seen. That's what prompted this post. Arthur is on its 12th season (info came from, and today's episode was from season 6. Makes me wonder how many there episodes from older seasons I've still never seen. You can watch Arthur on your local PBS and PBS kids TV stations.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Cloth Diapers

We made the choice to do cloth diapers for a number of reasons.Babies that ware cloth diapers have fewer diapers rashes and heal from diaper rashes faster
  1. The cost is a big one, they are so much cheeper that disposiables.
  2. I hate having to always buy a product because they are one time use. It has nothing to do with the enviorment, I just hate having to make sure I have something in the house and risking running out of it. Especially something that is costing me a lot of money on a regular basis. I even use reusable nursing pads for the same reason.
  3. We live so far from a Costco that buying diapers at the grocery store is just too expensive and we only make one trip to Costco a month and buying a month supply is too much to put in the car along with everything else we purchase for the month.
  4. Sure it helps the enviorment
So I've been learning a lot about cloth diapers (CD). CD have come a long way since I was a baby. There are so many types, brands, and a huge range of products for cloth diapers. Most of them can only be bought on the internet. One of the best sites I've found is called Diaper swappers, its a CD community with forms and such. You can buy or trade diapers with other mamas. My friend Amber also does cloth diapers, when she heard that I was thinking of doing CD she told me about this site. I'm so glad she did. My username is judeebee, if you get on look me up and put me on your buddy list.
Types of diapers:
  • Flat Folds- these are the traditional CD that your mother may have used on you. Although she used pins and there was always the fear of stabbing your baby. . Now they have these things called snappis. they have claws on them and it holds the diaper together. There are inserts that I use with them to make them more layered and absorbent. These are overall the cheepest way to go. They need diaper covers/wrappers/pastic pants.
  • Fitteds- These have velcro or snaps and fit like a disposibles. Some are adjustable to fit over a long time. The two brands that I have of these are goodmamas and drybees. They also need a diaper cover/wrapper/plastic pants
  • All in ones- They are fitted, have layers to absorab a lot, and are their own cover. I have two brands of these: Lil' Impressions and Kushies Baby. Both that I have have velcro, I prefere snaps because they wash with less ware.
  • Covers- sometimes known as wrappers and also plastic pants. The cheepest are the plastic covers that your parents called as plastic pants, Walmart has them and also Babies 'R' Us. I like the wrapper style more. The cheepest of the wrapper style I have found are the Kushies' brand, you can buy them online at Babies 'R' Us.
I am actually enjoying using CD. The trade for having to clean the diapers myself is totally worth the knowledge that I always have diapers in the house. Tip for doing cloth diapers: keep a spray bottle by the toliet for cleaning off diapers without touching anything or putting your hand in the toliet. I don't think that everyone should exclusively use CD, we don't even do that. We only use CD while at home during the day. If we go out, traveling, or overnight we still use disposibles. But I find comfort knowing that if we were out of disposibles I have the CD for backups. And that is where I think everyone should be, I think everyone should have at least a few CD, not for everyday use, but for emergences, rashes, and year supply. I am just really happy using my CD.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My new neice: Lizette

Lizette born 18 June, second child of my sister Kristy and her husband Chris. She is such a sweet thing, most dainty eyes. She is only a month and half younger than my little one. This delivery was so much easier on my sister than her first. She is all girl already.

Baby is Getting bigger

I don't want to brag but my baby is just too darn cute. He loves to see everything especially fans, it doesn't matter if they are on or off. He is a fan of fans. Al is sleeping through the nights in is own room and crib. It is nothing I've done to have such a wonderful baby, I'm just lucky. I love this baby.