Monday, June 30, 2008

ScAreDy CaT

I am going to back up a bit, a couple weeks ago I woke up to my husband, hugging me tightly. He was asleep or about to be asleep, calmingly saying in my ear "its okay, everything is going to be alright, it will all be okay." I was confused. I surmised two possible reasons for this strange behavior:
1- I could have possibly been thrashing around in my sleep and making scared noises, it woke him just enough to try to comfort me. The only thing is I felt perfectly calm and I can't remember anything from my dreams that would have caused me to act that way. But I wouldn't put it past me, I do strange things when I sleep, just ask any of my roommates from college.
2- It had to do with his dream and I just woke up to it. The morning after it happened I asked him and it is just as much a mystery to him too. So since then, hugging the other and saying "its okay, everything is going to be alright" has become a joke.

Well last night, I had stayed up, in bed writing in my journal, while my husband slept next to me in our bed. When I was done writing, I turned off the lamp and laid down, still too awake to fall asleep. I laid for a few minutes and then I started to go into the sleep stage where your thoughts begin to wonder uncontrolled, but you are still aware of the world around you. All of the sudden I felt a pounce on my legs. I screamed like a helpless blond in B- rate horror flick. My husband flinched then hugged me tight, "its okay, everything is going to be alright." We both busted up laughing.
The rest of the story for the pounce: it was his cat, Shiva. First of all, I had woken my husband up a little when I was laying down, so he was aware of his surroundings and was just beginning to fall back asleep, so to him I screamed for no reason, I just went crazy. Shiva had been on my vanity (across from the bed) and had jumped onto the bed, landing on my legs. It had startled me because normal she gets on the bed and walks around before she gets on my legs, and I am very picky about what can touch my legs and a jumping cat was not authorized. So she made a scaredy cat out of me. But its okay, everything is going to be alright.

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