Thursday, November 20, 2008

"Thanks"-giving Singing Time Activity

This last Sunday I did my “thankfulness” Thanksgiving activity for Singing time.
The way the activity would work is the children would tell me something they are thankful for and then tell me a song that goes along with what they are thankful for.
Making the Turkey:
The body of he turkey is 4 pieces of brown construction paper with just a one corner rounded off, all at the same time. Connect the four corners opposite from the rounded side, matching up the founded sides. Cut a long piece for the neck, and a large oval piece for the head (the more oval like the better it will look). You don’t want to make the beak a perfect triangle, make one side more wide for the bottom of the beak. And just a 2 inch piece with a rounded bottom for the hanging piece. I used a black marker for the eye and wing.
The Feathers:
I cut lots of feathers. I wish I had cut more of the orange and red, the children really liked to pick those two colors and I ran out during Jr primary. I used the paper length wise and cute them the length with one rounded side. I could get 5 out of each piece of construction paper.
The activity:
As the child said what they were grateful for, they picked the color of feather, and I wrote their name and what they were grateful for on the feather. Then it was placed on the turkey, so the more songs we sang the fuller the turkey’s tail became. The concept of finding a song that related to what they were grateful for was harder for the JR primary- we sang “I am a Child of God” 3 times, and one child said he was grateful for his dog and choose “Popcorn Popping” for the song. On the other hand the SR primary really got the idea, they got it so well they started picking songs they wanted to sing and then trying to think of something that related to it to be grateful for. It was a good activity. We had fun and sang a lot of songs.
I didn’t do this activity the Sunday prior to Thanksgiving because I want to start next week teaching Christmas Songs.


Chelsi said...

I am a primary chorister in Utah, and came across your blog after a quick Google search for "thanksgiving singing time ideas." I just wanted to thank you for posting this up here, I am planning to use your idea in my own ward tomorrow. I am new at this calling and can't tell you how much I appreciate those willing to share their great and creative ideas. If I can ever return the favor, you can find my primary blog at:

Shalece said...

Very cute idea, thank you! I am gonna use it tomorrow as well :) Feel free to check out my blog, it's a work in progress :)

Janelle said...

This is a great idea! Thanks for the help!

Unknown said...

LOVE this idea! I will be using it tomorrow for sure. I will use it for the next two weeks so all the kids have a turn to say what they are grateful for. Thank you so much for sharing!