Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Update On 'I Lived in Heaven'

Update On ‘I Lived in Heaven’
Sr primary has already learned the whole song. JR primary has only got through the first 2 verses. I don't know what it is about this song, but for the little children it seems much harder. It has been suggested that the minor key and the lack of a chorus could be reasons. I figured that since I have their attention, I would keep on teaching, and after a while I am hoping the repetition will start to sink in.

I had thought of two different activities to do after we had learned the entire song.
JR- for JR primary I was planning on taking the pictures that go with each line, mix them up and randomly put them on the board. Then I was going to have 4 children at a time come up and find the four pictures that go with each verse. From there the other children help them put their pictures in order. Then we’d all sing that verse while the 4 children held up the pictures.
SR- for SR primary I was planning a little more complicated of an activity. I was going to put the words on a page on one side of the chalkboard and the pictures on the other. So not only would the children have to find the line that goes with the picture but then find the sets that go to the verse and then put them in order.
Last Sunday, in SR primary we had some time leftover after we learned the whole song. But not enough to do the game I had planned. So I played the game I had plan for the JR primary. It worked really well. But now I have to decide on another activity for this Sunday. I think I might make the a fill in the blank board.

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