Tuesday, April 6, 2010

They Voted

I put it to the SR primary. I gave them each a piece of scratch paper and told them to write their two favorite verses of "Follow the Prophet". I told them that we were going to do the verses of 'Adam' and 'Pres Monson'. But they were going to pick the other two verses. The children have spoken, we are doing 'Enoch' and 'Daniel'. 'Noah' and 'Jonah' came in close but didn't make the cut.

Side Note: the 'Pres Monson' verse is hard to make it fit. We took a bunch of time afterwards to figure out and ended up dropping a word or two to make it fit right with the music.  


Unknown said...

I agree. It's a real tongue twister.

Nan and Aaron said...

good idea. thanks

Melissa Ash said...

UGH. We cut that song out of our program!! :) (My request!!) We decided to do the Latter-day Prophet song instead. Good idea, though!!