Sunday, June 27, 2010

ASL helps

LDS.ORG Primary Program Music Page

The Church's page for the primary program has the ASL video of a child signing the song for the required program songs. I've had people contact me about various songs to see if I will put them up for learning these songs.
I don't actually know ASL myself. I talk to the interpretors I know and I use online sources and figure out my own simple way of teaching the signs to the children. I think it is wrong to teach them had motions (beyond being a baby and just fun motions) for the songs that they will be singing over and over- unless they are learning actual sign languages.

That said I don't claim to have the best signs, only semi accurate signs. I am working on a 'Come Follow Me' simple signs for children, just for the first verse. Since this was not in my plan for our children, this is taking me longer to get it together. I will post it here when I get to that point.

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Unknown said...

We are doing the sign for I Know that My Savior Loves Me. It took me weeks to get it down, and the kids are still working on the signs. We sing it every Sunday, mostly because we have to review the signs. I wish I had done a simpler one, or picked a shorter song. I think the song you picked is the perfect choice, good luck!