Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Arizona Monsoons

Monsoon season in Arizona is in full swing. For those of you who aren't familiar with what this is I will explain. Monsoons Season in Arizona is when there is humidity goes up and the clouds roll in in a very short amount of time. Once the humidity gets so high the clouds let loose and pour.
It lasts anywhere from 5 minutes of pouring to an hour or two. Its amazing to watch- hard to get a good picture of though. This will happen almost everyday, about once a day, most of the time in the evening hours or late afternoon. I love listening to the rain and watching. As a child my favorite part would be when the electricity would go out. We'd use candles and flashlights until the power would go back on. Now that is exactly what I don't want. Then my dishwasher or washing machine might stop in the middle of a load. We also have our own well and the pump runs on electricity and  when there is no power there is no showers, no working toilet, no water.
I love clouds. They are gorgeous. I wish I could paint so I could catch them in a moment. I will have to settle for taking pictures. Monsoon clouds are the best. They are fluffy but have a denseness that looks like they are look squishy like a sponge.
I love monsoon season. After the monsoons are done, summer is over and its time for Autumn. Such wonderful seasons we have in Arizona.


Kathleen said...

We have monsoons here in New Mexico as well and I echo your feelings. I love to watch the sky and the clouds and smell the rain and feel the electricity. I don't much like the 7 miles of muddy roads if I'm caught out, but I like this season also!

Unknown said...

Me too. It's cloudy here right now, and I just keep hoping for rain. It's a fun change from the sun and heat.