Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music Sooths the Soul

Music Sooths the Soul-
This has been a long time in the making. I want the children to learn that they can use music in their lives to control their thoughts and feeling. It can push away their fears and comfort them.

I'm going to use my "Scary House" that I made a couple of years ago now. I'm going to mount it to a dark poster board and cut it up. like a puzzle. Behind it will be a picture of a "Beautiful Peaceful Place" such as the mountains or the Temple.
Here is how the lesson will go. 
Talk about what "scares you".  I'm going to use D&C 25:12 and President Packer's talk "The Spirit of Revelation" from the 1999 November Ensign (Conference Oct 99). I plan on telling it like this....
President Packer served in the Air Force during WWII (this is important to our children, most of their fathers are Army), while in the Air Force he had a friend who told  him how he handled when he was scared by enemy gun fire. "He told me how he was able to hold himself together under fire. He said, “I have a favorite hymn”—and he named it—“and when things got rough I would sing it silently to myself, and there would come a faith and an assurance that kept me on course.”" President Packer then shared in his story about being in combat with the Japanese, and finding himself scared. He learned that prayer and singing sacred songs bring peace and comfort, and helped chase away his fear, and that you can sing and pray without making a noise. The Lord taught us in John 14: 18  “I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you."He comes and comforts us through the Holy Ghost. We invite the Holy Ghost to come and push away our fears through prayer and singing.  Then we are going to dismantle the "Scary House" by singing the song that is going to be on each puzzle piece. As we sing more the "Scary House" will go away and the "Beautiful Peaceful Place" will be relieved. 

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Nicoletta said...

This is a wonderful idea! I will be using it today. Thank you for sharing.