Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lights Parade Evening activity

 Last Saturday was the lights parade. We decided to make an evening of it. We went to dinner at the Pizza Hut Bistro then set ourselves up on the street. Half the town was out to see the parade.That's not quite right. 1/3 was watching the parade, 1/3 was in the parade, and the last 1/3 of the town was at home not bothering with it.
It reminds me of two different memories:
1-  Growing up we'd sometimes go to Colorado for the 24th Celebration (24th of July, Pioneer day, for those of you that aren't LDS it is the day set aside to celebrate the Mormon Pioneers arriving in the Salt Lake Valley. In the San Luis Valley, where my dad's family is all from, its a huge deal, the whole town comes out for the celebration. Having the whole town out on the street to watch the parade reminded me of everyone being out to see the parade in Colorado.
2- It reminded me of being on my mission, one year during the holiday seasons, the ward missionaries in the Niceville ward made a float to enter in the local parades. As the missionaries in the area, we walked in the parade with the float.  It was so much fun.

I didn't know if Al was old enough to enjoy the parade but we were going to try and see. As we sat and waited for the parade to start Al was super unhappy. But as soon as the parade was in full bloom he was riveted! All the way until the moment it had had enough excitement and fell asleep in daddy's arms. I'm glad we went.

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