Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year

New Year, New Goals. Good times, Good times to come.
For New Years weekend we went up to Phoenix. We were able to attend the temple Friday (New Years Eve) morning, since it was open only in the morning. We had decided that if the temple was open Friday it was worth the trip to Mesa. Friday evening we went to dinner at Famous Daves at the Mesa Riverview with my parents. I had never eaten there before. I really enjoyed their appetizers Nachos.  That night Kristy and Christ came over, we watched the first 3 episodes of Avatar (cartoon series) with my brothers and their friends. We went out for ice cream and bought fireworks. That was New Years eve. 
New Years Day we said good-bye to my family and went to Casa Grande for my husband's family Christmas party. They traditionally hold theirs the first Saturday after Christmas. This year happened to be on New Years day. We do our family gift exchange (we all draw someone's name and there is a $20 gift limit). At PePere's house's there was a train. This is Al's newest interest. He spend the whole time at the party watching the train go round and round, and waiting for someone to turn it on.
After all the family festivities we went drove back home. It was nice to be home again. We bathed Al then put him to bed. 
Happy New Year.