Saturday, February 5, 2011

Teaching: I Will Follow God's Plan for Me

There are lots of good ideas out there. I took a number of the other post ideas and made them a little more mine.

To start I am going to have a gift. In that gift I am going to have this picture of a baby and Earth. I am going to read a scripture Mosiah 2: 41. We are going to list ways in which our lives are "gifts from God", Only spend a couple of minutes on the scripture and the list (I will not be writing it down).
Then we will learn the song.

These are the visuals I made up. All but a couple are visuals I had from other songs. I have also started making more generic picture visuals and put them page sleeves, I then tape simple word hits to the visual.


Janell said...

Your post has been a huge help in planning my first week as primary chorister! I love your idea. Where did you find the picture of the baby with the earth? I would love to use the same picture.

Arizona Girl said...

I'm sorry to tell you I have no idea where that picture comes from. My ward has a chorister box, its about 3 or 4 generations of choristers old now. It was just in there. But all you need is a picture of earth and a baby picture/photo. Good luck.