Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Teaching: Stand for the Right CSB 159

Stand for the right CSB 159
This is a short and easy song. It will be a nice change from what we've done so far.
To start I am going to talk to the children about President Hinckely's 6 B's. (be grateful, be smart, be clean, be true, be humble). I know that this song was written because another prophet asked use to "Be true". But I think the children will relate better to President Hinckely since most can remember him. Its not like the other prophet (I'm sorry I can't remember and a google search brought up Hinckely) was the first to give the council to "be true" nor will Hinckely be the last.
I got this idea from Tifany and her Precious Primary blog post on The Army of Heleman
When I first saw the post I automatically thought that it was for this song, then I read it and realized it wasn't but still thought that using shields for the visuals for this song would be a great idea.
I had also come up with a simple ASL that I'm considering using with the JR Primary. My camera that had the video capability is dead, I dropped it. So I don't have the ASL for this or for the chorus of "If I Listen with my Heart" but as soon as I can get a camera that records I will post both.
Now Tifany used poster board for her shields. I used black construction paper. 2 papers for each shield. I also didn't put straps on the back of mine. You can do them in any color. After I did it I thought that maybe for this song, green like the CTR rings would have been a better choice. Oh well. The duck tape is a cool touch but it took a ton of time. If you don't have duck take or the time, just take a marker and edge it, that's just as good and will still look good. I used pictures from the FRIEND, either downloaded off the church site (coloring pages are great) or cut out of the FRIEND (I went to DI and bought a stack of old FRIENDS).
Really simple visual, for a simple song. Good Luck everyone.

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Tifany said...

Your shields look great! I like the idea of talking about the 6B's. Thanks for sharing that. I am going to take it to heart & do the same with my Jr. Primary.