Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"My guess is they're both Girls"

So March 28 I was 17 weeks, at the ultra sound they looked for gender. One they were able to sort of get a look. The doctor said he would guess it was a girl.
During the consultation segment he explained the signs that they may be identical twins but in two separate (but apparently really thin) sacks. So based on that his opinion is that it is likely they are identical that would make the other a girl also since identical twins. 
He also use the phrase "not seeing anything obvious" to say that's why he'd guess they are girls. I'm not going to count on twin girls just yet. Only because "not seeing anything obvious" was the exact phrase my OB doctor use right before he pronounced my son a girl in the 25 week ultra sound.
But since I'm high risk we're going to be getting an ultra sound every 2 weeks so we'll get plenty of more looks at these two.
This picture is cute, its of their feet, 4 feet right next to each other. 


Tifany said...

I don't even know you and I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!! I have identical twin girls:) They were also in 2 separate sacs, and the lining of the sacs were thin. 12 years ago, "they" were still studying the theory of identical twins sometimes growing in separate sacs. So when my girls were born, they were assumed to be fraternal until DNA results (thank heavens my entire side of the family was asked to be a part of the University of Utah twin study:) proved otherwise. 5 months after they were born: PROVED! A perk of taking part of the U of U twin study was that all DNA testing was free of charge:) We did learn that males can carry the identical twin gene as well as the women. Of course the women are the only ones that can carry the fraternal twin gene. I am lucky & carry both of the twin genes. But maybe your husband carries the identical twin gene? Wouldn't it be interesting to know?! Take care of yourself. Enjoy this time in your life & you'll find yourself looking back on it years later with a smile!

Kathleen said...

This is such an exciting time in your life! What fun to imagine the possibilities of either. I hope you are well.

Rob and Sara said...

I love the picture of the 4 feet. That is the sweetest thing ever! Congrats!

Marie HMJ said...

I just totally randomly linked into your blog. Looks like youre a mormon mom living in Arizona expecting possible twin girls. :) congratulations!
Im a mormom mom in CA with twin girls, who just turned one. You've got lots of fun ahead! For real. Twins are such a blessing. Extra work but lots of fantastic things about it too.
If you feel like an email penpal, Im

Oh yeah, and dont believe what they say. You can totally breastfeed twins.

Jenny said...

That is wonderful news. I am also a primary chorister with 10month old twin girls, and boy has it been a fun ride.