Tuesday, September 20, 2011

One Month with Twins

 The twins are now a month old. They are both about 8 lbs. You can see the difference is 3 lbs. Their cheeks are getting chubbier, and so are their tummys, arms, and legs. But they are still small for 1 month olds.
A friend of mine had their little baby girl this week, she weighed 8lbs 10oz. I laughingly told her that her "newborn is bigger than either of my one month olds"
 We're just doing day to day. The highlight of the day is when we get to talk to daddy though Skype. I'm trying to get them to stay awake more and more during the day so that they will learn to sleep at night. We're doing mostly good with it. 
When we left the hospital, they made us rent their carseats because our carseats didn't adjust small enough for  how small our girls where when they were born. The photo is of the hospital's carseats- which I have already returned to the hospital. We are now in our own carseats. 
I have finally got brave enough to use the Moby wrap to carry both girls at the same time on my person.
I'm grateful to have such a carrier. I finally found some multiple baby carriers online at a Multiples specialty store and it was $130 before shipping for their twins carrier. Also the twin nursing table I was let has been a blessing too, that too is a 2nd hand item someone gave to me that I don't know how I would live without it.
 Al is trying to be a good helper. I'm glad he wants to be a good helper. Its hard sometimes to let him be a helper. After all a 2 year old can physically and attention span wise only do some much.
I've survived so far and I'll continue to figure it out and keep moving on with life.
I have really good kids.

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Amy said...

What a sweet big brother! It makes me smile that they both fit in the bouncer.