Sunday, February 12, 2012

Goldfield Train Outing

On the way out to Goldfield, we stopped at a museum park, walked around and took some photos of toddlers. 
 the toddlers had a ton of fun running around, 
 playing on the stagecoach,  wagons,
 pretending they are in jail.
 When we got to Goldfield, Sara and her children met us. We bought the tickets to ride the train and had a half hour to burn before the next train ride.
 The train rides extremely SLOW around the old western town. It takes about 20 minutes. 
 I almost think my son was more entertained by watching the train rather than riding the train.
 The toddlers loved it. They were so happy to be there.
That evening all my son would talk was "the train". The next morning he begged me to go back to see the train, but it was time to go home not take another outing to the train.

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Amy said...

How fun for the little ones! Great time of the year to go. I went near the end of April a few years ago, not so much fun.