Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Homemade stroller Rain covers

When we went on our last trip to Disneyland, when our son was only a month old, it rained on us. In desperation we purchased the ponchos in the park and tried to create a make shift stroller cover.
I remember when I was in England with my sister. We noticed that all the strollers there had rain covers already. My sister and I asked one lady where she had got her cover and she said it came with it.
This time around trying to prepare for our trip to Disneyland I wasn't going to let us waste our money on those over priced ponchos again. I was going to find a solution.
I bought one clear vinyl shower curtain. I measured it over the double stroller and then cut. I then pinned it on the sides to created corners folded over. I then sewed the corners.
I was thrilled with how well this simple solution worked.

There was barely enough left to create a second for our single stroller. It took me all of ten minutes per stroller cover to make and cost be total for the two strollers less than $3 for the shower curtain.
Now I can't say how well it worked for actual rain. It never rained on us while we were at Disneyland. It I ever get a change to use them in the rain I'll let you know, I just doubt I'll have any more opportunities.

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Lady Mira said...

great idea... i was just thinking to use clear table mat for my twin stroller and thought of looking for ideas and found yours. thank you :)