Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Updating our lives

I am been so busy trying to prepare my life for a new baby. For most people this means "nesting" for me it means that I have been spending a lot of my personal time trying to get my digital scrapbooking stuff ready for the next couple months.
So here is our life since the beginning of the year.
1. Al drew a picture in primary if you look closely you can see the baby he drew in my tummy.
2. Yes we are expecting. We are due in April.
We are having a boy.
3. On New Years Day we were able to go to the Fiesta Bowl. It was fun until our children were just done and we went home.
4. Al started preschool. He goes 5 days a week and loves it.
5. My Christmas present was to do to the Palm theater in Mesa. It is a dinner theater, and the play was "Fiddler on the Roof" Very much enjoyed it.
6. While Al is at preschool we have spend a lot of time at the park
7. We have been potty training again. The girls are doing really well. Not perfect but well. This pic of Nellie has her on the couch playing with the toy phone. Hope that isn't how my children see me.
8. boo I'm gestational diabetes again. Eating that way is a pain but doable. However, my doctor is again sending me to do once a week NSTs. GRR its just annoying. I'd rather be doing something else and staying away from the hospital. Dealing with the hospital is the bane of being pregnant for me.
And that is our lives in a nutshell.
Hope ya'll are doing well do.

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