Monday, August 25, 2008

Wonderful place to live, Come and Visit

I had an interview last week. It was for a front desk position at an animal clinic. At first, before I went, I didn’t think I wanted the job. But after going to the interview I really hope I get the job. There is the possibility of moving to the back and doing lab test (mostly microbiology work). So I really hope I get the job. But we’ll see.

This weekend my parents came down to Sierra Vista, for the first time, to come visit us. I hope they enjoyed it and appreciated where we live. I hope they saw why we both like this area so much. I was so worried that my dad would have a reaction to our cat. And I figured that would put a damper on him wanting to come visit us again. I tried so hard to clean up all the hair in our house. I swept the floor and then I vacuumed the entire floor, carpet and tile. I took off our couch cover and washed it. I have decided that I am a fan of couch covers, that fit properly. I can actually wash it and have it all clean. And when all is washed and it is back on the couch it looks nice.

With my parents in town, they arrived Friday evening after going to Kartchner Caverns. We went out to La Casita for dinner. On Saturday, in the morning there was a primary activity day. While I was helping with the activity day (it was a “choose your adventure” made for the average age of 5), my parents drove to Bisbee to spend the day. I still haven’t had time to spend the day in Bisbee. I guess I have the time, but I don’t want to do it all by myself. I mean I have done many things on my own, but I sort of figured that I shouldn’t have to do as many things on my own being married now. That afternoon, after they got back from Bisbee, we picked up Subway sandwiches and drove up Carr Canyon. It’s so beautiful up at the top. For dinner at evening, we went out with Cory’s parents to Outback. Sunday my parents came to church with us and then had dinner with us before they had to head back to Mesa.

We were so happy to have them come. We love having people come to visit.

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