Friday, August 15, 2008

Sickies flock together

I hate being sick. I have been sick to a more or lesser extent for a week now. My husband has been sick also. Sunday we went to bed at 8 pm. Monday he stayed home from work because he wasn’t doing so well. But he went back to work Tues and Wed, but each day he came home miserable and sick. Wednesday night Cory was doing so badly that he didn’t get any sleep. Instead he was coughing all night and he was having trouble breathing, either way it added up to no sleep for him and only a little bit of sleep for me. So Thurs morning Cory calls in sick and we went to the local Urgent care. I had already decided I was going to go on Thursday. I figured that I wasn’t getting any better on my own and as much as I didn’t want to resort to taking an antibiotic, but it was time. We went to the urgent care, go looked over. I am sure we, or at least I, have strep throat. I obviously don't have the supplies to do an laboratory test, but I have many symptoms. The biggest of the symptoms is the plentiful white spots on my tonsils. The doctor thinks we had bronchitis, it could still be strep, but it doesn’t matter because both are treated with antibiotics. Last night Cory took the drowsy inducing medication he was given and went to be at 7, and gave in and went to be at 8ish. When it was morning, Cory felt wonderful and went to work. I on the other hand still felt absolutely miserable. I slept in until 10. All that sleep and the antibiotics and I don’t feel any better yet. Guess I just need to give the meds more time.

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