Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Lived in Heaven-3rd Verse and 2009 Program thoughts

Third verse of “I Lived in Heaven a Long Time Ago”

This verse was the hardest for me to decide on what pictures to use. If I had been doing copied pictures I think they would have been easier. But I finally decided and figured out how to make them. Of all the pictures I made this section I am especially proud of because they turned out so cool (specifically the 2nd coming picture and the Mesa Arizona Temple). I was disappointed in my bride and groom and how plain my returning home to God picture came out.

This year’s schedule:

In discussion about this year’s program (2009), I was asked to decide on which songs would be used each month.

Jan- I Lived In Heaven A Long Time Ago

Feb- How Firm A Foundation

Mar- My Eternal Family

April- My Redeemer Lives (Hymn #135)

May- Baptism or I Want To Be Baptized , I haven’t decided which yet. I will be having my baby this month (near the beginning), so I will be picking whichever will be easiest for a sub to teach.

June- See the Lord Early

July- Jesus Said Love Everyone, I was surprised when I learned that none of the children knew this song. As I was looking through the songs and the lesson, I noticed that the lesson focus on having us learn to love others as he loves them. I felt this song was perfect. In addition, there are always so many children out on vacation and all I thought this song would make it easier for those out to learn later.

We are also considering using ‘Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam’ for the Sunbeams to sing and perform as their part of the program. It also goes with this month’s theme.

Aug- Families Can Be Together Forever

PS the alternative song options are being considered for special music numbers

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Unknown said...

I love the binder/story idea. I think I will put my visuals on the right side, with the words on the left, And make a big binder of all the primary songs. Thanks!