Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No Baby Yet- not concerned

I had my appointment yesterday, I'm dilated to a 4 now. The doctor seemed surprised that I'm at a 4 and not in labor. He asked me a few times if I was having contractions. He then wanted me to schedule in a week, at least he didn't want to see on Thursday again. He did say his "unless we see you at the hospital before then." I honestly think that he believes that to be the case. Being told that I'm mostly through "early labor" and I having everyone else so concerned about an early baby- has made me start to feel that this is more real. At least it motivated me to work on the crib bumper that I've been planing to make. Its just a cover for the bumper we were given. I will still be surprised if this baby comes before the doctor's due date of the 30th, but only time will tell.


Becky said...

Hi, Im a random lurker. I just had to comment on your post. I had whats called Prodromal labor with all my kids. My dr with my oldest called it preterm labor and sent me to the hospital. My midwifes with my other kids saw it for what it is and just let my body do its thing. I walked around at a 6 for two weeks with my last. If your gut tells you that its going to be a while I would listen to it. You probably are in prodromal labor which is essentially your body in prelabor. Instead of taking a few hours, it takes a few weeks.
Sorry again for the freaky stranger/stalker person advice, I promise Im just a primary chorister up in the pac nw. lol

Lindsay said...

I just couldn't help but comment like Becky did, even though you don't know me from Adam. I happen to be a primary chorister in South Carolina and appreciate the ideas you post on your blog. I'm also pregnant with my third baby (due on May 4th)and am a registered nurse and advocate for natural childbirth. My first baby was 10 days late, and still "never came" on her own as the doctors insisted I be induced. I was not educated about natural childbirth at the time and just did what my doctor told me. She was perfectly healthy and everything went fine in the way of an epidural/pitocin birth, but the thing that spoiled everything with this birth was the disapointment leading up to it. I was not prepared for the possibility that she could be late. I had wanted to go natural but did not take into account the possibility of being overdue and therefore having to be induced. Everyone around me made all sorts of comments and predictions and seemed to call every single day wanting to know if she was "here yet?" They all meant well but it made me spend each day frustrated, sad, and confused instead of just enjoying it and letting things happen in their own due time.

So why am I telling you this? It taught me a huge lesson that no one can predict when your baby will arrive. Don't let any doctor predict or put a time limit on when he/she thinks the baby will come. They may be right, but more likely they are setting you up for disappointment. The most important thing I've learned about birth is that due dates mean NOTHING even though we are brainwashed into thinking that they do. It is highly possible that you could walk around at 4 cm like Becky said for weeks. Just enjoy each day and let things happen when they do and don't listen to any predictions and you will be a much happier first time mom. It sounds like you're already doing this.

By the way, if you want a really good reference for natural birth, as I think you mentioned you were going with a midwife in an earlier post, look into the Bradley Method (otherwise known as husband-coached childbirth). Website is Also, an amazing book that taught me more about my body in the process of birth than any of my 4 years of BYU nursing school is "Natural Childbirth The Bradley ® Way" by Susan Mc Cutcheon, AAHCC. You can check it out at the library but just be aware of the not-so-modest pictures. I had to draw on clothes in my copy. But besides that the information--especially about sign posts and knowing where your body is in labor is priceless. With my second baby I was in total control, knew exactly where I was in the process and what I was doing and had an amazing natural birth experience.

Good luck!!!

Arizona Girl said...

Thanks for both of your comments. I'm trying to just take it easy and not focus on it, and I don't think its weird to have either of you visit my site or comment. In fact I appreciate it. I've been using a book called "the Birthing Book" by Sears and Sears. They briefly talk about the Bradley method and some other methods. Thanks for the info and the concern.