Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday Singing Time

I wanted to do something special for singing time and Easter. But I really struggled finding something that would still allow me to continue teaching "My Redeemer Lives" (Hymn 135, our choice for the April song). We already lost one Sunday for teaching because of General Conference. So I didn't want to loose another Sunday just doing something fun for Easter. So for the last two weeks I agonized over what I should do. Well, I had started to resign myself to continuing teaching the song, after all I only taught the first verse in JR primary (not because they were having a hard time picking up the song, but sacrament meeting really ran over and we had such little time we only learned the one verse) and in SR we learned the 1st and 2nd verse- but that was two weeks ago. Saturday night, really late, I came up with an idea. Easter Idea
  • Take a picture of Christ, and made a puzzle of it. I printed it off of the church website. I printed 2 pictures- one for each primary group.
  • For JR I made only the puzzle of 5 large pieces. SR primary I made the puzzle with 9 pieces.
  • Each puzzle piece had a song written on it and was put into a plastic Easter egg.
  • Each egg was taped under a chair in the primary room.
What songs did I use?
  • My Redeemer Lives, JR- had an egg for the 1st vrs and an egg for the 2nd vrs. When we got to the verse I had not taught yet-we learned it then.
  • Popcorn Popping
  • How Firm a Foundation- only the first verse
  • I Lived in Heaven- 3rd verse only
  • For SR we did a few more songs and verses.
I know this is too late for anyone else to use. Maybe ya'll can find a way to use it without the eggs later. I was just grateful to finally receive inspiration of how to make it an Easter activity and still find an opportunity to each the next verse of April's song.

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