Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sing the Song Backwards

We did this on Sunday as our activity to practice "Seek the Lord Early"
JR- did it but I don't think they understood the concept
SR-whined a bit when I told them what we were doing but by the end they had really got into the activity

Sing the Song Backwards- not literally, here is how you do it. It can be done with any song but I am going to use "Seek the Lord Early" as my example.
  1. Sing 1st the last phrase of the song-- "I will seek the Lord early, and He will be found."
  2. Sing the 2nd to last phrase--"I'll keep His commandments; His love will abound." and then continue on to re-sing the last line again "I will seek the Lord early, and He will be found."
  3. Then start with the 3rd to last line and finish the song from there "His living prophets in all they say. I'll keep His commandments; His love will abound. I will seek the Lord early and He will be found."
  4. As you can see the idea is to re-sing the song starting from the last line of the song and each time you re-sing it at another line. Have the children tell you what the 'line before' should be. Continuing until the whole song has been sung.
Its an easy activity to do. You can do it once or multiple times each time trying to do the whole song faster than the last (faster as in less breaks between starting over). On Sunday we only did it once through, we didn't have enough time to continue with the activity. Again SR really got into it, and JR had a hard time with the concept-although they did sing whatever I told them to.

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