Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Start our Children Young or "Daddy & Me"

My husband loves to play WOW (World of Warcraft). I enjoy watching movies or television. TV really isn't my husband's thing, and compeditive video games aren't my thing either. I use TV to relax and my husband uses video games. I have come to the realization that my husband is a happier person (less stressed) when he is playing games rather than when he isn't, but the problem with it was we weren't spending any time together if he was playing games in the 'Geek Room' and I was in our 'Family Room' watching TV. So a few months after our marriage we found a solution. Cory uses the laptop to play while sitting on the couch next to me. I know that for many couples this isn't a solution because the husband still ignors their wife eventhough they would be sitting right next to each other, but for us it works because Cory is good at mulitasking. While he is playing we hold conversations throughout, we are half snuggling while he's playing, and he occationally watchs the TV with me.
Now that we have Al, we've been sitting him on Cory while he is playing. Al will sit for a while and almost seem like he is watching the video game. But most of the time Al just falls asleep in the comfort of his father's arms. Still we are always joking that we are training him to love video games. Not that we will have to train our little boy to love video games because I get the impression that will happen on its own no matter what we do.


Jcjohns said...

You sound like my Cory and me!!! I love TV, he hates it. I like video games but not the same ones he does!!! We have our computers in the front room for that reason (one of the reasons anyways). Its great to see another couple doing the same thing as us!!! lol

Melissa Ash said...

This sounds so familiar!!! Whenever DAddy would watch Matthew, the little guy would be sitting in his lap, watching Daddy play a video game! Now I love to watch Matthew and Matthew play together! It is so cute! They both have the same intense faces! It is so fun! And yes, my child is addicted to the computer and he is only two years old!!!