Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Shiva and Baby Al

Baby Al loves to watch the cat, he giggles, and squeals, follows her around the room. Our cat, Shiva, is skidish of small humans. The whole time I was pregnant I told Shiva that is she dared hurt my baby- she was going to regret it. To our amazement she has been wonderful around Al. She lets him pet her (more like grab her), she puts up with him chasing her around the room- granted he doesn't actually crawl yet. He does the army crawl and pushed up and launches himself, and he rolls. My goodness he already has me on my toes and it will only get more hectic as he learns to move faster and faster. Each time he is touching her a little too much, she gets up and moved out of arm's reach. Then Al will move closer, and Shiva will move away. She hasn't hurt him back, even with all the fur pulling and tail grabbing going on. She has hissed at him, warning nipped, and cried out. She is so patience with him. Something that she has not allowed other small humans that same grace to.

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rial & lisa solomon said...

Aww, they are so cute together! I'm glad shiva is being so good. Thats one thing I worry about with our cat Kuma, she plays so rough sometimes, I'm not sure what'll happen when we start having kids.