Thursday, December 17, 2009

Singing Time: Decorating our Christmas Tree

I made a tree. Construction paper. It is three sheets high.Then out of construction paper, markers, and a few stamps (thanks to my mother-in-law who got the stamps for me) I made ornaments. I numbered each of the ornaments and had they children draw them out of a bag. I then glued them to the tree. I made enough ornaments for two Sunday's worth of songs for both primaries. That way our tree will be full. That came to 26 ornaments. I didn't pick 26 different songs. In fact for each week, the pianist and I made a list of about 8 songs (mostly Christmas) that we were going to do that week. The child would read the number on the back of the ornament and I would repeat the number to the pianist and she would tell us what song we were singing. The children never know the difference. And this way each ornament just represents that we sang that many songs.
Merry Christmas.