Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just I want to thank all ya'll so visit this blog and who post links on your sites. I know I have a lot more regular visitors than leave comments, but I was amazed when I looked at my Google Analytics and saw that on Saturday this blog had 385 visitors. At the time I wrote this post the YouTube video of "Follow the Prophet" had 382 views. I am amazed. It makes me feel so appreciated. I love ya'lls comments. I hope that my site is a help to many of you.


Scooterdoodah said...

Thanks so much for posting the sign language. I taught my Senior Primary, and it went well. Kind of breaks things up nicely. I loved your scrolls, too. Thanks for all your ideas!!

~Crystal~ said...

Guess what? Someone in my ward stopped me at church and said "I was searching for blogs about music and leading and while I was looking at one I saw blog with 'Crystal' on the side so I clicked the link and it was YOU!"
It was so funny! Anyway someone I know was here :D

Chrissy, said...

Yes! I do appreciate you! Signing went great on Sunday thanks to you! Copied you scroll idea too!Thank you for all your ideas!

Sorry I don't comment. Hope you are feeling the love of 385 people out there :)